Wheelchair Ramps
Mon Feb 22, 2010 19:45

We just had a resident come down with a devastating disease that has quickly required the use of a power wheelchair. We have a low step but no ramp at the entrance. Does anyone know of a source for a temporary ramp that can be used for a power chair? The ones found by our agent are rather flimsy and/or too long. A permanenet ramp seems to be a big deal.
Thank you.

    • Wheelchair Ramp Riverdale, Wed Feb 24 05:42
      Good for you for acting so quickly on behalf of your resident. This is a good source: They have various kinds of ramps that you can see on their website & we found them ... more
      • Re: Wheelchair Ramp escapefromyonkers, Tue Mar 2 01:33
        it would be a good idea to check with united spinal. they are in queens ny . united spinal org They know all the ins and outs. the slope and rise is a big consideration
        • Wheelchair Ramp Riverdale, Sat Mar 6 07:26
          The NYC Commission on Human Rights is the office to call for the information. They are very helpful - call Harvey Fisher at 718-722-3133 or email him at: Or Ted Finkelstein,... more
    • Ramps Mike MacGowan, Resident Manager, Mon Feb 22 21:38 Here is a site for Folding Portable Aluminum Ramps used for wheelchairs.
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