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Apt Noise
Thu Feb 25, 2010 14:35

My husband and I live in a condo that has no insulation between floors. The floor is wood with less than eight of and inch cork then concrete then my ceiling, no sheetrock so the sound travels. My upstairs neighbors refuses to carpet their apt. by 80% as stated in the by l-laws. They have a child who hammers and drops toys all day long plus has a baby walker rolling around the house. This not including the noise the adults make, chairs moving etc. The noise sometimes starts at 6:30am. We feel like they are living wit us at this point. When guests come over they comment about the noise. I have tried to speak to him but he is totally belligerent and then he will make a point to stomp at all hours of the night. What can I do. Management says there is nothing they can do.

    • noise bl, Fri Feb 26 17:27
      You need to write to the Board - you should have "peaceful enjoyment" of your unit. However, if this neighbor is "belligerent," have an attorney write to that person with a copy to the Board. If your ... more
    • respond in kind C/CS, Fri Feb 26 09:40
      Moving--in addition to being an extreme remedy--isn't guaranteed to bring relief. What will you do if, after you suffer that expense & inconvenience, you have a noisy neighbor at your new place?... more
      • Re: respond in kind G K, Fri Feb 26 23:28
        Donít invest time, energy and money in responding in kind. If youíre going to invest anything, invest it in solving the problem. Your management company should see that the 80% rule is enforced. If... more
      • Noise more MR, Fri Feb 26 16:54
        While I can understand feeling so angry that this remedy seems like a good approach--and it actually did work with a SH in our building who was blasting music to get his neighbors attention--they... more
      • Apt Noise sorrenti, Fri Feb 26 11:10
        What can the Condo Board do??
        • Board & legal action C/CS, Fri Feb 26 11:32
          On creating a noise nuisance, it depends on how your house rules are written. The Board should in any case formally notify your neighbor that there have been complaints, & that they should moderate... more
          • Noise VP, Sat Feb 27 08:28
            Excellent advice to contact the board to send a letter. However, you need to be proactive. Start your Email Trail. Keep all of your corrospondence, and be consistant. Every day/week send an Email to... more
    • noise RLM, Thu Feb 25 23:30
      Consult experts in soundproofing your ceiling and get costs. Look at your condo documents for habitability warrantees. Consult a lawyer on how best to move forward with the condo board re: paying for ... more
      • Noise MR, Fri Feb 26 16:51
        My neighbor hired contractors to rip out the ceiling above his bedroom and blow noise-attenuating insulation in between his ceiling and his upstairs noisy neighbor's floor. It didn't help much. You... more
        • 80% can still be noisy escapefromyonkers, Tue Mar 2 00:34
          in all reality the 80 percent carpet rule , usually means little as far as noise reduction . Unless the rule specify the type of carpeting and pads etc. a cheap paper thin carpeting with no padding... more
    • Move t, Thu Feb 25 21:41
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