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Coercion by BOD
Tue Mar 2, 2010 21:53

Our board of directors has just issued a notice to all shareholders threatening to increase our monthly maintenance bill by $100 a month unless and until we agree to let the pest control people spray pesticide in our apartments. We have no rodent or pest problems in our apartment and have never signed up to have it sprayed. The program has until now been voluntary but now they are insisting on building wide compliance with their request. I am allergic to any chemicals including perfumes let alone toxic pesticides. Can they enforce this on us on a mandatory basis? If so, what are our legal rights?

    • rodents/spraying bl, Thu Mar 18 20:07
      We have monthly service to spray our common areas. Fortunatley we do not have a problem. We had one incident where a "Collier Bros" person had lots of newpapers, paper bags, and cartons in the apt.... more
    • Compromise BN, Wed Mar 3 11:45
      Why not let the vendor hired by BOD to treat building for bugs/mice into your apt. and let them inspect to put the BOD mind at rest. There is a good chance that other SH ARE having problems and it is ... more
      • Because the attempt, apparently sudden, to impose a $100 fine each month on non-compliant shareholders is suspicious...even if legal. Because we don't have enough information to presume that the... more
    • Why the change? C/CS, Wed Mar 3 07:52
      Was a specific reason stated for the new policy? Are you aware of a pest problem anywhere in the building? Is this a 1-time treatment, or will regular visits to each apartment be required? Do you... more
      • Re: Why the change? SaL, Fri Mar 12 08:16
        Check your Property Lease. Most of the time, the corporation ( the building ) has the right to inspect and perform repairs and preventive maintenance in all units. It is the shareholders... more
    • time to read your propritatry lease escapefromyonkers, Wed Mar 3 00:37
      does it sate that additional charge for select shareholder in the proprietary lease? i doubt it . they could probably raise everybody $100. but not some. do not let them in to spray if you have... more
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