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Maintaining / Increasing value
Mon Mar 8, 2010 13:07

What are the top priority issues that a board should focus on in order to maintain, dare I say increase, values of the apartments in their building, and the building itself?

    • Maintaining / Increasing value Steve-Inwood, Mon Mar 8 16:56
      Hi, This is a great topic. From my perspective, here are some items to consider: Have reserve funds A great audited Financial Statement says wonders to a trained professional and in this city, a lot... more
      • I think this is a great question and topic as well... Steve has some valuable insights and tips.. thanks... Another good rule of thumb is to budget about .75 cents per foot per year for exterior roof ... more
        • Maintaining/increasing value BP , Fri Mar 19 08:53
          I heartily agree with Steve and AR on this topic. I'd like to add to AR's note on doing things that don't cost much. This may seem petty, but it's surprising how little things cam enhance new buyers' ... more
          • Maintaining/increasing value RLM, Fri Mar 19 23:38
            Hear, hear for all of the above. Maintenance, especially, is key - both above and below the surface. And here, here's my two cents: Much as New Yorkers value property values, they also value the... more
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