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trash compactor
Fri Mar 12, 2010 15:33

Doing some research for my co-op... anyone out there have:

1) experience with trash compactors for a small (45 unit) building, either retrofitting or installing a stand-alone system?

2) reliable references for/contacts in the compactor industry?

3) anecdotal information re: implementation of a compactor system and the reaction/education of Shareholder & Tenant population?

4) comments about the Super's experience, either from a Board or Staff perspective?

5) history on costs, amortization, impact on ordering/storage of supplies and other financial considerations?

Email me separately, would love to hear your story before we move forward with a recommendation.

    • Re: trash compactor Mike MacGowan, Resident Manager, Sat Mar 13 19:26
      Try contacting Dumani Compactor, they do execellent work. Contact Name: Jorge Dumani 914-632-8387
      • response LuvsBooks, Sat Mar 13 20:38
        Thanks, Mike!
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