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Fri Mar 12, 2010 15:37

So... what do YOU do about rats invading your outdoor space from adjoining yards?

    • Rats in the neighborhood AdC, Thu Mar 18 20:22
      You may place poison as suggested in strategic places such as a hole in the ground. In addition, I would make sure that there are no entry points into your own building basement through open windows, ... more
    • Re: Rats Anonymous, Sat Mar 13 19:24
      You contact your building exterminator...ASAP What are you waiting for?
      • your response LuvsBooks, Sat Mar 13 20:39
        Our exterminator sets traps, puts out poison, bait, etc. We still get rats from other buildings in the block.
        • Re: your response Mike MacGowan, Resident Manager, Tue Mar 16 07:58
          Maybe the other buildings are not doing anything, in regard to exterminating. I would try reaching out to the nearby buildings and see what you all can do as a group to battle this problem. If your... more
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