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Concerned shareholder
Entry to apartments
Sun Mar 14, 2010 18:30

While I am aware that the a superintendent may enter an apartment in an emergency situation i.e. gas leak, flood etc, does the Coop/Condo president have the right to access apartments? I am aware this has happened in my Coop in the past when the BP has entered apartments without the shareholders knowledge. Have you ever cone across this in your building?

    • Re: Entry to apartments CDT, Tue Mar 16 20:16
      Check your Proprietary Lease. It probably contains something like the following, from Paragraph 25 of our own lease: "Right of Entry: The Lessor and its agents and their authorized workmen shall be... more
    • Entry to apts. neris, Mon Mar 15 09:04
      Board members should not enter shareholder’s apartments unless give permission by owner. Board members come and go and others have their own agenda or vendetta against particular shareholders.... more
    • Entering other apartments BP, Mon Mar 15 08:52
      No BP or board member should have a right to enter someone's apt any more than a super does - only in an emergency or with a SH's advance permission. No other SHs should be allowed to enter someone's ... more
    • BP entry RLM, Mon Mar 15 03:39
      Our Shareholders felt more comfortable with the BP accompanying the super on an emergency call.
    • Re: Entry to apartments G K, Sun Mar 14 23:20
      In a word, yes. Our former BP did enter at least one apartment to my knowledge when occupants of the apartment below complained of water leaking from above. No idea how he got the key. Although on... more
      • enntering an shareholders apartment mikepidel, Tue Mar 16 01:01
        i an sure the shareholder could start legal action iF this case was not an true emergency unkless the super or residenbt manager ciuld not be summuned in a timeluy manner for the emergency, since... more
    • Re: Entry to apartments Anonymous, Sun Mar 14 22:04
      I believe this is not permittable. In the evet of an emergency then yes we have the right to enter for the health and saftey of the building and its residents. I work as a Resident Manager and in the ... more
      • entry RLM, Tue Mar 16 03:43
        Just thinking out loud here... if the Board President is the head of the cooperative corporation, the co-op owns the building, and the co-op and its Shareholders have a Landlord-Tenant relationship... more
        • Entry to apt To RLM, Tue Mar 16 06:52
          I purposely posted the article to see if there were any situations where it would be permissable. The situations I am referring to would be at discrete times as the BP had his own set agenda to... more
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