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Misuse of garbage chutes/compactor
Tue Mar 23, 2010 08:57

We continue to have problems with items being discarded into the garbage chutes (on each floor)that are not allowed. This has resulted in constant repair costs to compactor and also injury to a porter (glass) which could have resulted in liability to the coop.

I assume we're not the first coop to face this, anyone have any suggestions? Also, does anyone have a copy of a strongly worded memo that I could look at?


    • Compactors AdC, Sun Mar 28 14:44
      This is a no win situation. In spite of numerous memoranda, signs, etc., residents do not seem to understand that their convenience may end up an inconvenience in excess costs, aggrevations, etc.... more
      • Re: Compactors BP, Mon Mar 29 08:35
        AdC: If residents don't heed memos, signs, etc. on proper trash disposal, I very much doubt they'd correct neighbors if they see them throwing things away improperly. Most people aren't that... more
    • We had many problems due to wrong things thrown in the compactor chute, costly repairs, and injuries to our super (one serious) due to broken glass. 1) The first thing you should do is make sure all... more
      • Chute problems dphelan, Wed Mar 24 12:17
        Thanks, the last items were very helpful!
      • compactor (To BP) Bob, Wed Mar 24 12:05
        While I agree with most of your rules regarding recycling etc, I would not be very happy if a charge was applied to my monthly maintenance because someone else did not follow the rules and the... more
        • Reply to Bob re: compactor BP, Wed Mar 24 13:18
          Bob - I understand why you wouldn't like paying for compactor repairs if someone else did the damage. But this, at least in our bldg, made everyone much more careful about what they throw out and... more
    • The compactor Ed, Tue Mar 23 21:03
      I can tell you all as a resident, that when I first moved to NYC 14 years ago, I put just about everything but the kitchen sink down the chute: glass, metal, and anything that I could stuff in there. ... more
    • misuse of compactor chute. Bob, Tue Mar 23 12:43
      I believe that your tenants,housekeepers etc should first and foremost be educated as to sanitation laws/building requirements regarding disposal of garbage. Here are a few suggestions which have... more
      • Re: misuse of compactor chute. Mike MacGowan, Resident Manager, Tue Mar 23 15:19
        In many of the buildings they never changed the signs to compactor usage, they still have the incinerator signs up and the residents, housekeepers are not educated as to what to throw down the chute. ... more
        • compactor LuvsBooks, Wed Mar 24 02:06
          I'm looking for as much information on compactors as I can get. Please email me if you have the time? I posted a request previously but it may have gone unnoticed. THANK YOU.
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