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annual meeting minutes not recorded
Thu Mar 25, 2010 21:29

how many co ops have annual meetings where the managing agent is paid to act as recording secretary , yet states he has never used a device to record the meeting to get correct minutes.
I questioned and didn't accept the minutes from the previous meeting.
the managing informs the annual meeting that he never uses a recording device.
Very hard to fight the minutes when no record is made.
This year i will make sure to record it myself.

    • Re: annual meeting minutes not recorded Anonymous, Fri Mar 26 10:06
      I know our management company has a secretary present and she takes down every word by short-hand. No recording devices are used.
      • Annual Minutes Mark Levine, Fri Mar 26 14:50
        Annual minutes are supposed to be a summary of the events that occurred, not a word by word accounting, so I see no issue with it not being recorded and just the fine points hit within the minutes.... more
        • reply escapefromyonkers, Sat Mar 27 15:58
          what happens when you dispute the minutes or believe important items and questions were left out? we had a $27k zero drop budget error. Yet the BOD president refuses to state when it was discovered.... more
          • You are ranting Anonymous, Fri Apr 16 15:48
            You are obviously angry... Minutes will not do much for you. It is important to ask the right questions in front of your audience in a dispassionate manner. Anger does not get you far at a meeting.... more
            • your right escapefromyonkers, Thu Apr 22 00:55
              your right. i am pretty peeved off. Way too much side dealing going on and zero due diligence the board members. plus a board and managing company that has turned the co-op into a rental.
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