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board members refuse to give contact info.
Thu Mar 25, 2010 21:35

i know this is against the nys business law.
wondering how many other co-ops have a board that reuses to give their contact info.
Finding out that one board member has never lived in the building, yet always post his address as the co-ops. The board president ,no longer lives in the building, for at least 7 years, yet post his address in the elections as the co-ops.
the shareholder list even shows his address as outside the county.

    • The bylaws should stipulate the qualifications for an individual to be a board member. Some bylaws explicitly aver that one must be a shareholder in good standing. Yes broad definition, but there is... more
    • Owner or rental property vp, Sat Mar 27 14:27
      Who lives in his apartment? In our building we are getting rid of the long-term subletters. If he is subletting, in our building, he is no longe a member of the Coop, but the owner of a rental... more
      • Re: Owner or rental property escapefromyonkers, Mon Apr 26 23:58
        we have sublet rules, but the managing agent abd board president state that it s ok for the children of the shareholder to live in the apartment without the shareholder. this is not true, not with... more
      • Re: Owner or rental property Anonymous, Sat Mar 27 15:28
        turns out that one board member never has lived in the building, even though he has posted his address as the buildings for the last 10 years, his adult children moved into the two apartments he... more
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