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sprinkler pressure inspections
Wed Mar 31, 2010 17:59

Hi all,
We are a 5 yr-old condo and are trying to make sense of the new regulations regarding inspections of the sprinkler system. Are the regs just for new coops and condos or for existing ones? Our insurer is requiring a yearly inspection of the pressure in the sprinkler system but the agency we have asked to do the inspection thinks they should be coming out monthly at an expense of $4,000 per NYC regs. Can anyone clarify this for us.
Thanks in advance!

    • sprinkler standpipe inspection Bob, Thu Apr 1 08:53
      If I understand this correctly your property is subject to a monthly visable inspection which your super should carry out (he would require a certificate of fitness for this from the FDNY). There is... more
      • sprinkler pressure inspections janies, Thu Apr 1 09:02
        Thanks Bob. The problem is we don't have a super. We are a small condo (20 units) with back-office management (i.e. they do the billing). I think I'll take you up on the FDNY web site. I cant find... more
        • sprinkler (Janies) Bob, Thu Apr 1 09:33
          I still think you may need someone to inspect the equipment on a monthly basis that has an FDNY Certificate of Fitness. You can always e-mail me directly for additional information.
    • Sprinkler Larry, Thu Apr 1 06:30
      Have your Suoer get a C of F for a sprinkler and he can maintain it by keeping a log book of his monthly inspections and making sure the sprinkler valves are maintained in the open position plus... more
      • Re: Sprinkler Mike MacGowan, Resident Manager, Thu Apr 1 07:13
        If your building is five years old, the 5-year Pressure Test should be coming up for renewal. This test is performed by a licensed plumber and the Fire Department is present to witness and pass/fail... more
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