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Board problem - need help
Thu Apr 1, 2010 08:49

A problem. Two BMs have their apts for sale and won't be running for reelection. One BM who's moving in July and subletting his apt won't run, and another BM just had a 3rd child and is too busy to stay on the board.

That leaves one BM - me. We talked to other shareholders but they can't or don't want to be on the board. We have 60 shareholders and naturally there are some we wouldn't want on the board or who are far from qualified.

Our annual meeting is in June. What do we do if we can't find more board candidates? Our coop attorney is a designated ass't secretary but we can't function with just me and him.

    • Who is qualified? AdC, Tue Apr 13 14:11
      If shareholders are in good standing and they wish to run, don't eliminate them because you think they are far from qualified. Sometimes, you need to accept the given and show that you have a... more
    • Re: Board problem - need help Anonymous, Tue Apr 13 11:38
      I feel for you, as an overworked president who has done other board members' work. What I have done, and what you can do, is to create shareholder committees. Identify work that should really be done ... more
      • Reply to Anonymous re: help BP, Wed Apr 14 04:40
        Anonymous - I appreciate your advice on how to get more help when my 4 fellow BMs leave the board in June and I'm the only BM left. Committees -no. Everyone has an excuse - busy with career, social... more
        • Training AdC, Wed Apr 14 22:02
          If people are willing and they have some semblance of corporate experience, It's all a matter of training. For the secretary with editorial type minutes, show him/her the style you expect to see... more
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