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Anna Harris' husbands
Tue Feb 10, 2009 17:12 (XFF:

Hello Whitmaniacs,
Enjoyed browsing your site, but I was surprised to find an error in my ancestral Whitman line. My paternal grandmother, Eva J. Saunders, was a grandaughter of Nathan Randall Saunders and Abigail Ann Whitman, who are in your N. S. Whitmans. Unfortunately, you have followed Farnham in having Abigail's mother, Anna Harris, marry John Whitman before his brother Asaph. As was correctly shown, Asaph died in 1828, which makes it difficult for him to be the father of the two children attributed to him who were born in or after 1830. This is one case where Calnek got it right - he shows Anna marrying Asaph first, (with Caroline and Abigail being their children)and John second.
One other thing to check - I couldn't make the link to the History of New Albany work.
I was originally searching for a possible Susan Whitman who married a Timothy Saunders of the Dalhousie/New Albany area about 1823. I think he married Susan (Betts) Starratt earlier, but the Annapolis Twp. Book says she died in 1822, and "Timothy and Susan Sanders" had four more children after that. Calnek says that he married a Mrs. ___? Whitman (wid.). Any ideas?

Wayne Neily
Tremont, N. S.

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