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Looking for more info
Sat Feb 2, 2013 02:50

Hello, my name is Amanda Whitman my brother is Frederick Brock Charles Whitman my dad is Frederick Wayne Whitman and my grandpa is Frederick Alexander Franklin Whitman as u can see they all have the same first name my brother being frederick the seventh my dad being the sixth my grandpa being the fifth. I'm trying to find out who the the fourth third second and first. It has not been easy this task has started sense i have been looking for my grandpas gravesite which he died in 2008 i wanted to learn more of my family and heritage but i never got to ask him about it due to the distance and when he passed on we where in the process of getting to know eachother i had only met him once when i was a child not yet interested in knowing my heritage. I have sent a few pictures of some crests to my father and learned recently my great grandma used to send him letter with the family crest on it and i thought this was really cool. Im having a really hard time sense the only names i have mentioned are ones i know all i know is to look frederick whitman which isnt turning out to be an easy task if anyone at all has seen these names before please help i am on a mission!!! I know my grandpa used to say we had ancestors in politics but i never questioned him further as at the age politics meant very little to me. Here is my plight for help PLEASE ANYONE WITH PUSH IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    • Whitman Carolyn, Sat Nov 22 22:35
      Your great grandfather was Frederick Primrose Whitman,born March 9,1896. he was a member of parliament. Hope this helps. You also have an uncle Frederick Alexander Franklin Whitman
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