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Oh wow!
Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:10am

That was a vacation! So many amazing places!

  • *ponders*Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 1:36am
    Hmm... Well here on Earth we went to New York, Paris, and Hong Kong to name a few!
    • Oh wow! — Jasmine*, Mon Aug 28 12:10am
      • *nodnod*Great Destroyer, Mon Aug 28 2:07am
        Yeah! And you wouldn't believe the off world places we went!
        • I'm still impressed with the on world places.Jasmine*, Tue Aug 29 12:25am
          *waves her book* I've been time traveling.
          • *his eyes widen* Great Destroyer, Wed Aug 30 3:38am
            Really!? *scratches his head as he ponders* I haven't quite been able to figure out how to do that yet! Is it fun?
            • I think so!Jasmine*, Wed Aug 30 11:11pm
              But I do like to read! This time travel was all the way back to the year 1155 and the rise of King Henry II of England
              • *boggles a bit*Great Destroyer, Thu Aug 31 2:03am
                Ohwow! There were alot of those guys wasn't there? What made the second one stand out?
                • He married Eleninor of Aquitaine Jasmine*, Thu Aug 31 10:23pm
                  And he was the father of King Richard I and Prince/King John of Robin Hood fame. He probably also did something good for England too but I can't remember *grins*
                  • *follows closely, nodding slowly*Great Destroyer, Sat Sep 2 5:47am
                    Sounds like a busy guy! I mean, I get it, he's a king and all but... Definitely sounds like a super busy guy... *ponders a moment* I mean, when did he even nap?
                    • Yes....when he diedJasmine*, Sat Sep 2 9:08pm
                      *laughs* I heard it once said "sleep is like death, only without the commitment". But as for Henry, he had to put England back together after 15 years of war. Oh and he became king at age 19. It was... more
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