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Re: Neat
Wed Jul 29, 2015 16:00 (XFF:

I understand Simone, thanks. If its MDDClone source code snippets, don't worry about it. Enjo is rather busy at the moment so there's no rush. Besides, once I start disassembling Damocles I'll have more specific questions to ask which could possibly be answered without sharing any source - there's always the possibility that the MDDClone source implements is completely differently from the original source too. :)

  • Re: Neat!Simone, Wed Jul 29 14:17
    It's not up to me to decide. I'll ask Enjo if I can share the part of the source that I got for the translation.
    • Re: Neat — SparkyNZ, Wed Jul 29 16:00
      • Re: NeatSimone, Fri Jul 31 03:49
        I emailed Enjo, who explained the copyright issues about sharing even part of the MDDClone source code. He then added that, because I am the holder of the files I used for the Italian translation,... more
        • Re: Neatsparkynz74, Fri Jul 31 16:36
          That's OK Simone. Its probably best for me to go-it-alone anyway and that way there's certainty that any artifacts I produce are entirely from the Amiga and not MDDClone.
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