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The Inferno
Thu Jun 15, 2006 13:28 (XFF:

The Airwall was completed, and being held steadfast by more channelers, secreted away quite a ways from the battle - Jack and Mat were doing a fantastic job from the safety of the slightly elevated vantage of the westward wood.

in response to Wei's defeat of the initial "feeler" unit, sn attack comprised of nearly three times the number of that of the original had been dispatched from the center of the camp - since they were not equipped to handle such a foe, he and Shin both retired into the wood again, the wood with so many surprises waiting for the Seanchan. They moved, under the cover of foliage and darkness, to the foot of the jagged rock where Locke was observing.

"When most of the enemy has given up on the North road - which will be soon - you will see a signal, another red one. At that, Wei, you are to lead your foot on a charge, directly for the flank of the fleeing enemy. Spur him on - make him run faster into our trap. While this is happening, Shin, your archers are to loose all the rest of their fire arrows at as high an arc as they can manage. We're going to burn their camp to the ground."

By this time in the conversation, the counterattack on the fireball-throwing soldiers had been initiated, and engaged by the ten Dedicated waiting on the flanks. They were all women, and all were extremely adept in water. The initial charge was broken by the front line being engulfed in water, a huge sphere suspended by a lining of Air. Those who were caught inside were drowned. The charge wasn't stopped as Locke had hoped, however - the Soldiers and Dedicated had given away their positions, and it seemed that well over a thousand of the light infantry were dead-set on having their heads.Damnit. Locke cursed in his head. With those Water-wielding Dedicated killed, there would be nobody strong enough to shield the enemy foodstores during the burning of the camp, which meant there could be no resupply after the battle.The supplies of the enemy are vital to my plans! I can't afford to lose them, not this early in the game.

"Shin! Wei! Change of plans! Gather your men and come with me! First Captain Bajett!"

"Aye sir?" The head crossbowmen in Locke's unit stepped forward.

"Take our men where they need to be for the second staging of the fire forest. There has been a change of plans."

"Aye Major!"

"Shin! Weave a gateway for us down there - we have to save that line!" Locke bounded off his vantage point nimbly, the weight of his field plate making the impact of his feet on the ground far more than one would expect. Snatching Prodigy off the tall sapling that the spear had been propped up on, Locke adjusted his gauntlets and strapped on his helmet. "Hurry! Now, man, now!"

Shin licked his lips and forced the Gateway into being - they were in luck. Shin had studied the maps more closely than some, so the area they wanted to end up in wasn't so far off. It wasn't a big opening, but it was enough for two men side by side to run through, if they ducked their heads. On the other side, Locke spotted two poor souls who hadn't ducked far enough - the tops of their heads were missing. They were most assuredly dead. A few others hadn't ducked their armament down far enough - somoene had lost the head to a pike. "Some of our brothers in arms are in danger, my friends. They are the key to our having food during the days after the battle. If they die, we starve." Locke lied. Knowing that there was a provisional plan wouldn't help them fight harder. "Forward - for the Lord Dragon!"

The fight between the Seanchan and Black Tower folk was already underway - Locke could see many burnt corpses, many tattered foes, but there were also some terribly butchered Soldiers amongst the human wreckage as well. The Dedicated had rounded behind the Soldiers, issuing orders and covering thr front whilst the others below them focused on picking individual targets, and protecting the flanks. It was a good maneuver, or would have been, if their numbers had been greater. Things such as they were, they should've been fighting and running, running and fighting. Locke felt the Power welling up inside of him, freezing him to death, scorching his soul. The torrent of magma far beneath the ground was all but invisible to the men it was about to kill. And then came the rumbling. Locke hastily through up a loose shield across the van of the small unit he meant to rescue, as Wei's footsoldiers began pounding their bucklers. Everyone yelled, everyone bellowed. The rumbling begat terrible tremors. The liquid rock erupted from the ground with a mind numbing force, the deafening roar of fire and brimstone tearing the crust of the earth to ribbons accompanying the sudden anguish and surprise of the men he'd caught in his weave. Locke was weaving as fast as he could, forcing himself to go harder, harder, more fireballs, more lightning, more magma, more razor-edged projectiles of compressed Air - the enemy being ripped open and gutted, slashed to ribbons, burst to pieces, in front of him, beside him, behind him. Wei and Shin had exploded into the infantry as well, Wei and his spearmen tearing through the terrified throng like they were ragdolls. It was then that the first lightning bolt thundered down on their forces. Thirty or so axemen were blown to bits in an instant, the wet spatter dotting Locke's black chest plate, his helmet, his lips.


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