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Ronelle to TEXAS Anonymous 2602:306:3b94:e290:c45c
entitled opinions
Thu May 18, 2017 13:08

Yes, you are right TEXAS Anonymous. Everyone should be entitled to an opinion EXCEPT for a COURT JUDGE at a murder TRIAL.

As I keep saying, it might have been "legal" but it was still a lynching. Those were once legal too, you know?

And your state of Texas has the highest number of executions in our country. Better be careful never know who YOU might be mistaken for someday. Some famous celebrity might just come along and swear he heard your voice from 2 blocks away while sitting in a car with the windows rolled up.

  • TrenchardAnonymous, Thu May 18 09:16
    You and anyone else are entitled to an opinion. You should, however, condition that opinion by admitting the history. In 1935 in New Jersey what Trenchard did was not illegal or considered unfair. It ... more
    • entitled opinions — Ronelle to TEXAS Anonymous 2602:306:3b94:e290:c45c, Thu May 18 13:08
      • Re: entitled opinionsMichael For Ronelle, Thu May 18 19:41
        If a tree falls in the woods, and there's a 1911 case that would allow for the testimony in a 1935 trial that it does not - do you care? I sure as hell don't. Perhaps other lawyers would enjoy that... more
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