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Number of Kidnappers
Thu Jan 25, 2018 08:32

We don't necessarily believe that there was only one kidnapper. But feel that, even after all these years, it is evidentually undetermined. Most likely and for sure there was at least one.

  • ?Jack, Thu Jan 25 08:25
    Who is "editor's note"? Do you do that yourself so that you can look important? Who does it? Editor's note: The original writer may be senile - watch out!
    • questions that are really insultsbob mills for jack, Fri Jan 26 04:18
      "Editor's Note" is a rhetorical device used by writers to separate a thought from a narrative. Apparently you haven't read much in your life, or you'd know better than to ask that question. It's one... more
      • "Editor's Note"Jack, Sun Jan 28 12:47
        Well, you find the term "Editor's Note" in any book and tell me where it is! It's a never used term which is simply an unneeded addition to make the writer feel important. As a writer, Bob, you... more
    • Number of Kidnappers — Jack, Thu Jan 25 08:32
      • YearsJack, Sat Feb 3 16:16
        For as many years as this crime has been examined. if there was any hot news such as an Al Capone connection it would surely have come out and be public knowledge by now. There is nothing like that... more
      • NowJack, Thu Jan 25 09:15
        You don't have to look more important to me, Bob. I know about you and have been impressed. Sorry for your illness, but I guess poop happens. Pretty crummy for sure! I've been lucky. Lotta years and... more
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