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Michael 5260 for Joe
Re: hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's)
Thu Apr 12, 2018 14:25

Joe, can you imagine what would have happened if Hauptmann had reported back to Big Al with $50,000 instead of $70,000. Al would have been reaching for his baseball bat.

When Hauptmann made the decision to accept $50,000 instead of $70,000 in the cemetery, on his own, it told me there was no Number One in control of a kidnap gang and that Hauptmann was not just small potatoes or some kind of errand boy.

Hauptmann created the illusion of a kidnap gang by his use of the word "We" and "Ouer man faills to collect the mony" in the ransom notes and telling Condon there were different people involved. It was effective because most kidnappings at the time were done by multiple people so it was easy to pitch the idea of a gang and have that idea readily accepted. It worked. Accomplices and gang members are still searched for to this day and it is eighty-six years after the crime.

It's no joke that two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. If it is really important to keep a secret both people need to be dead.

  • Re: hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's)Joe for Bob Mills, Thu Apr 12 11:29
    Bob, by your own admission of the invasiveness and severity of mob tactics, if Hauptmann had had anything at all to do with this kind of scheme, you know he wouldn't have survived April 1932. Do you... more
    • how the mob operatesbob mills for joe and forum, Fri Apr 13 08:39
      Joe, my understanding of mob tactics is that they put out an offer "on the street" for a particular job at a set price. Often it's a murder contract. They want someone eliminated, but the mob bosses... more
      • Re: how the mob operatesJoe for Bob Mills, Sat Apr 14 09:29
        Bob, I can't even entertain the notion Capone would not have known who the kidnappers were and that retribution for the baby's death would not have been immediately forthcoming. The only reason big... more
        • my last comments on the issuebob mills for joe and forum, Sun Apr 15 04:46
          Joe, I'm not sure what you meant by "...a golden opportunity to beat a major rap." Capone was in prison on a relatively minor rap, i.e., income tax evasion. He'd already been convicted, so he... more
    • Re: hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's) — Michael 5260 for Joe, Thu Apr 12 14:25
      • Last PostJack, Sat Apr 14 14:13
        Amen, Michael.
      • respectful dissentbob mills for michael melsky, Fri Apr 13 12:54
        Michael, Big Al wasn't expecting anyone to bring him money, not $50,000., not $70,000. As you and many others have pointed out accurately, this was a small amount in mob terms. The kidnapping wasn't... more
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