Michael 5260 for Michael
Re: Massive?
Tue Jun 19, 2018 14:05

Stop waffling for Christ's sake. What the hell is the name of the handwriting expert that explained "by me", "to me", whatever the "me" you happen to decide on using that the telephone number was forged.

How many different ways do I have to word the question. What was the expert's name. That's it. The name.

  • Re: Massive?Michael, Tue Jun 19 13:45
    Script: I told you years ago the telephone number was not a forgery and you said it was a forgery according to an expert that explained it to you. That is not what I said. Is this is supposed to mean ... more
    • Re: Massive? — Michael 5260 for Michael, Tue Jun 19 14:05
      • Re: Massive?Michael , Tue Jun 19 14:22
        Try this: Now let's take a look at the actual writing through the one expert who did take a look at it as explained by me (in part). Does that help any?
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