Joe for Michael
Re: Table
Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:19

Michael, I understand that the holes between the table brace and the ransom notes "line up" and if this alone convinces you the table brace was the original template for the ransom note holes, then so be it. I used quotation marks above because the holes in the table brace are larger than those in the ransom notes, therefore a margin of error must be implied.

I'd also ask you to consider through practical application, the physical process as to how the brace itself could have been used to accurately reproduce not only the hole spacing, but also the exact location relative to the lower right hand corner of each and every ransom note.

What is most notable here is the latter point, which negates any possibility the table brace was ever laid over or under the ransom notes to even just mark the hole locations, let alone be a part of any attempt to physically punch the holes.

I also understand a lot of folks got very excited about what was considered to be an epiphany of sorts here. Unfortunately, it appears very few are actually willing to apply a little logic and common sense here, not necessarily through trying to reproduce the actual physical process, but by simply thinking the exercise through.

Some may not want to know it.. or see the obstacle, but that's where this thing basically falls flat.

  • Re: TableMichael For Joe, Wed Jul 18 12:32
    I think that without being able to prove the date we'll never truly know. Here's what I do know: I actually went to the Archives to see it. Most people who claim something about it never have. Next,... more
    • Re: Table — Joe for Michael, Thu Jul 19 11:19
      • Re: TableMichael For Joe, Thu Jul 19 11:44
        No Joe, that "alone" isn't what convinces me. In fact, as I've stated above, I am not 100% convinced. The holes lining up is very powerful when seeing it for oneself. The other aspect is that Police... more
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