Michael 5260
Re: indelible/copying pencils
Sun Jul 22, 2018 16:54

Scaduto didn't misunderstand a damn thing. He said Albert Hamilton identified someone else as the writer of the ransom notes before Hauptmann was arrested. It's in his stinking book. Scaduto said Lindbergh was mentioned in Hamilton's handwriting report. Lindbergh wasn't mentioned and Hauptmann wasn't mentioned because Hamilton examined Manny Strewl's handwriting and compared it to the O'Connell ransom notes.

Do not say I'm doing what Scaduto did. Scaduto lied to the reader about Albert Hamilton. It was not a misunderstanding, a mistake, or being in a fog. Scaduto had an agenda before he hit the first keystroke on his typewriter. That is why all his other interpretations about the handwritings in the Lindbergh case are garbage. There is no use in trying to defend him. Scaduto has managed to suck in enough readers over the years.

You did not know about the Albert Hamilton fallacy until I pointed it out to you years ago. With all your painstaking research and obsession with facts you should have found it for yourself.

If Hamilton had something to do with the Lindbergh kidnapping case what was it? Reilly and Fisher were ready to drag the East river for handwriting experts to testify.

  • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael, Sun Jul 22 13:18
    I believe Mark. I believe my eyes. I know nothing was found in a "leg" because there is no leg. And I believe what my research tells me. Benny Lupica. David Moore. Have you heard of them? Both were... more
    • Re: indelible/copying pencils — Michael 5260, Sun Jul 22 16:54
      • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael, Sun Jul 22 20:08
        Honestly Script, I've never taken anyone's word for anything until I found out myself by researching it at the Archives. So there's very little I know for sure that did not come from an official... more
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