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Re: More
Sat Sep 29, 2018 07:17

Perhaps you would have preferred Fisher had allegedly said something about one of the household having been involved.. would that have given the statement more credibility? This principle seems to work very well for you in the case of Olly Whateley's purported deathbed accusation. Since Fisher went on to become a prosecutor, reasonably he would then have had access to a more detailed portrayal of the circumstantial physical evidence that clearly showed Hauptmann was guilty as hell. Essentially, having been lied to by Hauptmann right up to the point of his execution, Fisher was obviously on a quest, which no doubt would have pulled in more information than simply "those who helped Hauptmann." Don Shuman is very clear in writing about what Fisher said, and he appears to have expressed this opinion repeatedly. Fisher was a bit of an emotionally-loose cannon and I'd be willing to bet he ended up being quite resentful towards Hauptmann.

  • Re: MoreMichael, Thu Sep 27 07:49
    You might see it that way Joe but in the context of what he actually believed the single phrase "guilty as hell" is misleading when considering how this case has been perceived from one side or the... more
    • Re: More — Joe, Sat Sep 29 07:17
      • Re: MoreMichael, Sat Sep 29 08:15
        Perhaps what? This doesn't make any sense Joe. I've said all things must be considered. Once that's done then it is what it is. Shuman's account is not clear because no one asked him questions about... more
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