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Re: The sound of crickets.
Wed Jan 2, 2019 12:11

We only have Gus Lesnevich's professional opinion in the back of Kennedy's book. His detailed examination "findings" were not explained. Robert Bryan has the complete written report and the standards of comparison that were submitted to Gus.

If and when Bryan publishes his book on the Lindbergh kidnapping we should expect to see Gus's entire handwriting report along with the handwriting comparison charts. Joe, I don't think we should hold our breath waiting for this to happen.

Just to give you an idea of what can occur when dreck standards of comparison are submitted along with the questioned documents we have the Hitler Diaries.

Konrad Kujau, the forger, fabricated all the diaries. One of the things he did in preparation was to practice for a month writing Old German Gothic Script. This is the writing Adolph Hitler learned to write in school.

There were many red flags waving in the air at the time about the authenticity of the diaries. Photocopied pages of the diaries and standards of comparison were eventually submitted to Ordway Hilton in the United States.

At the time Ordway Hilton was one of the nation's foremost authorities on detecting forged documents. He served as the sixth president of the ASQDE and was in private practice with Elbridge Stein from 1946 to 1951. I have his text book, Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents, in my library. He was no slouch when it came to questioned documents. I have referenced his book many times.

Based on Hilton's examination and comparison of the standards of comparison to the questioned pages in the diaries submitted, Hilton concluded that they were written by the same person. Hilton was wrong. Why?

The forged diaries were written by Konrad Kujau and the standards of comparison were also written by Konrad Kujau. Hilton was comparing forgeries to forgeries all written by the forger(Kujau). Naturally, Hilton concluded genuineness because everything was written by the same hand.

The publishers were so eager to publish the diaries, in the magazine Stern and make loads of money, probably told Hilton the standards of comparison were the known genuine handwriting of Adolph Hitler when they actually did not know this to be a fact.

If Gus did examine standards of comparison that "were not" provable, authenticated, vetted, as to being the known genuine handwriting of Hauptmann it is easily understandable that his examination would result in the elimination of Hauptmann as the writer of the Lindbergh ransom notes. If the standards were written by someone other than Hauptmann there would be no match to the ransom notes. It makes sense to me.

I have a better idea. The standards that Gus examined should be compared to Hauptmann's handwritten autobiography. Boom.

  • Re: The sound of crickets.Joe for Michael 5260, Mon Dec 31 17:49
    I understand the logic here Michael, but I also have to believe that unless he lived in a cave, Gus Lesnevich would have understood categorically that Hauptmann was the writer of the Lindbergh... more
    • Re: The sound of crickets. — Michael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jan 2 12:11
      • Re: The sound of crickets.Joe for Michael 5260, Fri Jan 4 13:18
        It's still an unusual situation the way I see it Michael, because I can't imagine any QDE who hasn't been living under a rock to not understand that it was Hauptmann who wrote each and every ransom... more
        • Re: The sound of crickets.Michael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jan 9 12:37
          I'm just as perplexed about it as you are Joe. This may be an itch we will never get to scratch. Kennedy also included Gunter Haas' contrary handwriting opinion in his book. Haas was a graphologist.... more
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