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Re: Joe for Wayne
Mon Feb 4, 2019 14:25

Wayne, by all means take the photos to a podiatrist. You might also want to ask them if Dr. Van Ingen's examination of Charlie a few weeks earlier should have raised any red flags, ie. potential for trouble running or walking. From what I know about this condition, overlapping toes is a relatively common occurrence for babies that were positioned improperly in the womb, and the condition is also believed to be hereditary. Do you know if Charlie's condition was being addressed in any way, such as fixing or taping of the toes to passively re-align them? It seems to me, that if Van Ingen had had any real concerns other than to simply comment on the fact, he would have noted them then and there.

As far as Anne referring to Charlie as an 18-month-old, I have no idea how she could have said that unless she was just bad with numbers. Perhaps a simple editing error? Based on some of the mistakes in many of the books on this case, it's obvious the authors themselves didn't read his or her own final proof.

  • Joe for WayneWayne, Mon Feb 4 12:41
    Joe, I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just going with known facts that are there for all to see in black & white. You're more than welcome to take those photos to any podiatrist and get his/her... more
    • Re: Joe for Wayne — Joe for Wayne, Mon Feb 4 14:25
      • Joe for WayneWayne, Mon Feb 4 14:50
        Joe, I have taken the photos to several podiatrists. I am encouraging everyone here to do the same and compare the findings (here). As for Anne's writing... everything she wrote, and I mean... more
        • Re: Joe for WayneJoe for Wayne, Tue Feb 5 07:15
          Wayne, any thoughts on why Dr. Van Ingen failed to recognize Charlie's toes were "severely deformed?" And I've never seen references to any corrective measures having taken place to re-align them... more
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