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Re: Deciphering the Mersman Table
Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:12

I'd say you would have needed to see it Joe but now that the show has aired its less of a necessity. Yes the holes in the table are "bigger." I've seen the demonstration twice and the holes in the note appeared to have been dead center. Now that the show brought in someone to measure the distances I feel better in saying that.

I agree its circumstantial. It's why I don't know how to conclude anything about it. But what I believe you are doing is making a mistake by choosing to do exactly that yourself. Look, I personally do not "like" what's written there. So it is human nature to distance oneself from something that isn't agreeable. I can see exactly why once turned over to police it was tossed in a drawer to collect dust. Without those 'holes' I would have done the same and there would be no conversation about it. But the impact of seeing each and every note (I saw all laid one on top of the other) all line up caused me pause before dismissing it.

I don't think anyone here reading this post would quarrel with my position that IF this piece was found in Hauptmann's apartment it would have been discovered, just as Mark had done, that these holes lined up. No "confession" necessary that piece is a State's Exhibit at trial. And there's also NO doubt that you, Script, and whoever Anon is would all be pointing to it as an indicator of his guilt. Think about that for a minute. So if it can "work" on one side then it must be considered on the flip side of things. Trust me when I say police were disassembling everything looking for money and something exactly like this! It's one reason why I don't rule out a Cop being the author of this "confession" either.

This potential/possible evidence becomes more important if it existed prior to the kidnapping because then it "could" be the template - but if this was a 1940 table with common hole spacing that still wouldn't mean whoever wrote it there wasn't aware of hole spacing in the notes. What to make of that I don't know but as I've always said before - it might not be just a "black" or "white" answer to this. So we agree about the "drilling" as a possible lead but (so) one must consider all of the variables. For example IF this was a hoax written by one of the investigators wouldn't that be important? To know why they'd write such a thing? Anyway there's all of this time to spend and already spent - and what do we get for it? IDK.

So its easier just to say "hoax" and move on. But when I see that it makes me cringe. Could be true yes. But here I see Script proclaiming it one himself. And I know you read Chapter 6 in V2. Obviously there's no doubt in my mind that Mueller was aware of Hauptmann's involvement. But was he "involved?" Before? During? After? Or just "aware?" So wouldn't it make sense, that if one had faith in handwriting analysis, to check this confession against ALL possible affiliates of Hauptmann? To include Mueller? Let's say a QDE does and says Mueller wrote it ask yourself what kind of "position" that would put Script in. He's already committed and painted himself into a corner.

Anyway just my thoughts on why it's a good idea to keep an open mind on this.

  • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Thu Apr 11 13:26
    Michael, I understand that the holes actually line up although I'd expect there to be a bit of an accuracy factor here, considering the holes in the table brace are larger than those in the ransom... more
    • Re: Deciphering the Mersman Table — Michael For Joe, Fri Apr 12 10:12
      • dem holesRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 15 10:01
        At first I was thinking that it doesn't matter that the table holes are bigger than those in the ransom notes. It was just a template. Cut nails, which I think we all tend to agree were used to punch ... more
        • one mo thing about dem holesRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 15 10:03
          Anther method, using a simpler template than the table, would be to simply make a dot with a sharp pencil where "dead center" was, and then insert the nail as I described.
          • Falzini's blogRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 15 10:25
            Mark's blog, "Archival Ramblings," for Sept.9, 2008, has the best description of the ransom notes. Pages 4, 5,6,7, and 8 deal specifically with the holes.
      • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Sun Apr 14 11:10
        Michael, I do understand the physics, optics and the alignment entirely and have from the beginning. But again, this is not something I would travel 500 miles for, so it will have to wait until I'm... more
        • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Sun Apr 14 11:43
          I understand about the distance Joe. I am not criticizing anyone for not being able to see it I am just saying that it should probably be done before completely writing it off. But if you saw the... more
          • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Sun Apr 14 16:19
            I understand and respect your opinions Michael, but I would heartily question your claim that you "don't know anyone that has ever seen it demonstrated who said it could NOT be the template." No one... more
            • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Mon Apr 15 09:07
              I don't know any Joe. Of course there could be someone who has been to the Archives to examine this piece who I don't know about. I am not saying I know about everyone, but I believe the number of... more
              • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Mon Apr 15 13:06
                Michael, reading your reply, all I can say is you've somehow managed to wrap this enigma into much more of a riddle than it needs to be in. Of course, I'm sure you feel the same way about my... more
                • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Tue Apr 16 10:29
                  No truce necessary. It's just a difference of perspective Joe. I don't feel any type of way about yours because I am uncertain. As I've said above - you could be right. My only opposition is that I... more
                  • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Sat Apr 20 08:19
                    Yes, certainly a difference in perspective. Just to be clear, my own conclusions to date are not based upon anyone else's conclusion, but from the table brace's "chain of custody" evidence and the... more
                    • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael, Sat Apr 20 10:02
                      Joe, No such chain of custody exists. What we have at the Archives: The table piece, a couple of pictures, and a few newspaper reports. The newspaper reports, like Mark wrote, are unreliable. One... more
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