Michael 5260 for Joe
Re: Case Closed
Wed Jun 19, 2019 15:18

An excellent finding Joe. I agree that the two final "t's" in the word Eintritt have the classical German style t-bars.

The same word, Eintritt, on the same page without the t-bars does also show Hauptmann's inconsistency when writing t's.

Hauptmann buying two items, a pot and soap, does make sense in relationship to the .90 cents expenditure. A "comma", "&", or the word "and" between the two words would have clarified that two separate items were purchased.

Let's peruse the word "Boad."

  • Case ClosedJoe for Michael 5260, Wed Jun 19 09:50
    Michael, please examine this example of what is clearly a crossed double "t" in Hauptmann's memo book to compare with the last two letters in "Po--". https://ibb.co/0BZL99C The entry "Eintritt" which ... more
    • Re: Case Closed — Michael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jun 19 15:18
      • Re: Case ClosedJoe for Michael 5260, Fri Jun 21 09:15
        Sure Michael, I'll take a look at the word "Boad" but you may be preaching to the long-converted here. Why don't you start a new thread and address it to the Board?
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