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One presumes...
Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:32pm

...that Wise & Baron's INTERNATIONAL STARS AT WAR (from which your above quote is extracted) is properly researched and therefore there's some substance to this detail of Kinski's life...but I'd still like to see what W+B listed as *their* Source for that, eh? ;)

Thanx, amigo...

  • Read this on WikipediaDoc, Sun Feb 18 9:32pm
    "By May 1945, at the end of the war in Europe, the German POWs were anxious to return home. Kinski had heard that sick prisoners were to be returned first, and tried to qualify by standing outside... more
    • One presumes... — DCG, Sun Feb 18 10:32pm
      • That sounds just likeMaggie, Mon Feb 19 2:05am
        Kinskiesque (as opposed to Kafkaesque) behaviour. And like a tall story, that learned to walk on it's own, too... No way to tell! We all know what kind of crap can end up in print (remember the blue... more
        • In/Sanity, Acting & the Media (incl. LVC)DCG, Tue Feb 20 11:29am
          My approach to discerning Reality from Fantasy is researching til I discover at minimum 3 Reputable Sources (*not* Some Blogger's Opinion, natch) that provide support for whichever angle on a detail... more
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