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Clint, redux
Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:35am

Not a lot to add, amigo --- you pretty much covered it! ;)

But I'll try...

Never read BRIDGES/MC, and only saw the film a few years after it debuted. For whatever reason, it just didn't interest me that much --- actually, I think it came out during my Sick of Meryl period (she was fawkin' EVERYwhere for a few years!), so that probably explains it. Thought Clint did just fine, but this'll never make a Top Ten Clints, for me. (Or even Top 50...LOL. And if someone who doesn't know me reads "unromantic sh*t-heel" into that, then they're full o' that very sh*t. Ask any of my female friends, ex-GF's. The film just didn't "grab me" --- I found it Predictable in the extreme, for starters. I was never "in" the movie, for that and other reasons.)

Yes, of course: I understood your "slow" Directing comment to mean Clint's later efforts -- none of those early ones you name would garner such criticism. (Altho it's been a number of years since I saw BREEZY, so I'll just take your word for it.)

Well, let's just Agree to Disagree on CITY HEAT. And I also disagree on both Clint's and Lee's Comedic Ability -- in both cases, it's Limited (again), yes. And while I won't polish that veneer with "Best Within That Range" this time, I still think they both succeed admirably well -- but, I'll acquiesce to any claim that I'm Lowering My Expectations on this point, given the paucity of Comedy work in each of their filmographies. I still LOL at some scenes with LVC in EL CONDOR, no matter how many viewings I've had...

HONKYTONK MAN & BRONCO BILLY: Yep, nothing more to add -- except that Clint's famous for saying (as I'm sure you know, this is for other readers of these words) that likes to make "one film for the fans, then one film for me." (This doesn't match exactly, of course, if one examines his oeuvre, but it comes close...starting from when Clint really got the power to control every aspect of his career.)

GAUNTLET, like CITY HEAT, falls into the Overlooked & Underappreciated category for me. You said it well, so again not much to add. (Except that maybe my memory of Sondra Locke's performance isn't as high as yours...LOL. Speaking of "Limitations"...) I do recall, sitting in the theatre during Opening Weekend in December, 1977 and as soon as Clint's "Det. Shockley" entrance, where he opened his car door an' an empty bottle of booze tumbled out ahead of him, and he stumbled out, disheveled and unshaven...I sensed the Send Up of his "Dirty Harry" character, and joined him gladly for this parody ride.

(Also, it's worth noting that GAUNTLET kicked off Clint's main Comedic spree: GAUNTLET, EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE, BRONCO BILLY and ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN, with only ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ cracking thru the middle to remind us that Clint hadn't completely forgotten his usual theatrical persona. And, also, that GAUNTLET immediately followed ENFORCER, seemingly "announcing" a butcher-stroke ending of Clint's interest in any more "Dirty Harry" films -- he made the first 3 in 5 years, then wouldn't reprise Callahan again for 7 more. And even *then*, one could say Clint was pokin' fun at the character, as SUDDEN IMPACT's DHC clearly flirts with self-parody with its Indestructible Stereotype and Beyond Ridiculous Weaponry, etc.)

Do NOT get me started on THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT -- it, unlike BMC, *is* on my Top Ten Clints. Actually, I suspect it's in my Top Five, really... Probably seen T&L more than any other Clint movie, save FF$M...barely! ;)

OK, before Maggs stops stoppin' by because we've gone all Eastwood here, we should wind this down, eh? After all, there's more than a fistful of Clint Forums out there for such an' the like... (You can always drop me a line, and we can have our own private debate-n-adoration society via email, eh?)

Best an' all,

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