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Is Gnosticism equal to egotism?
Sat Jun 17, 2017 09:46

To be in a congregation (synagogue) involves compromising my principles ... I am a unique individual, and so I only express what is compatible from my own POV. There is considerable overlap, so this isn't too hard. But if integrity is your highest virtue, then you can't be congregational, you can't tolerate an compromise (which makes you a community of one person). In Greek this is "idiotes". So to what extent is your individualism political? Are you sure it isn't simple sociopathy?

And yes, the ritual self deprecation is something I could have a problem with ... but on-line in another place, I am a Greco-Roman demigod, a Jewish prophet and a Kekistani. No shrinking violet there ;-)

  • Re: Three books ...ipirate2, Thu Jun 15 20:42
    I cannot speak of The Didache as I do not know all of it. What I do know is that I have problems with some of the self-deprecation it asks of us. That should not surprise you as you know I am a... more
    • Is Gnosticism equal to egotism? — Baruch, Sat Jun 17 09:46
      • Re: Is Gnosticism equal to egotism?ipirate2, Sat Jun 17 10:23
        Is Gnosticism equal to egotism? That would depend on who is doing the judging. I would say no unless you think the same of Jesus. I like to think it is more like us stepping up to what Jesus... more
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