Deep Underground Nuclear Blasts Create Complexes in Iran.
Sun Jul 4, 2010 12:37

Dr. William B. Mount reported on the All Day Live program June 25, 2010 (weekly on Friday nights at 10:00 pm - Mondays at noon Seattle time) that the U.S. has also detonated deep underground nuclear devices this past year underneath Iran, and Afghanistan. Seven in all in order to create their subterranean domes that are now being utilized to build a Mag-Rail networked defense facilitation for controlling all of that area of the planet.

While under the reign of the Obama presidency and in complete violation of their Nuclear Non-proliferation Accord.

Apparently these nuclear devices can create up to a two and half mile wide deep subterranean dome. Nuclear glass?

Try to imagine that these underground nuclear blasts can create what has been reported to be a super plasma-tized glass or thereof a material that may be more then five hundred feet in density (the wall of these domes) and that this material may possibly be some of the most incredibly dense material ever possibly created.

And, as also reported that they have created many of these underground domed complexes throughout the planet and in the United States to facilitate their need to build their underground defense systems networks for not only their military corporate control over the surface areas of the planet but to also serve as their own personal refuge as this planet is now clearly heading toward a very soon to occur mass extermination of this planets surface areas and all or most of the planet's plant and animal life.

The Gulf oil spill will very soon kill all of the oxygen creating plankton throughout one third of the earths oceans.

Also take note, many of these so called earth tremors that are being reported are in fact their detonation of these deep underground nuclear devices that are being utilized to build the Elitists own personal underground places of refuge.

In the Fall of 1997 there was reported (on the Art Bell radio talk show) that a series of earth tremors had occurred just North of the City of Spokane, in Washington State and the caller who had phoned in and had reported on the Art Bell late night radio program, around that same time period reporting that these tremors were the result of several deep underground nuclear explosions or thereof nuclear detonations.

Apparently this caller who had called into the Art Bell radio program ( the Coast To Coast Am late night radio talk show, thus reported that these tremors were the result of a planned deep underground city complex that was being built.

That is, the military corporate complex that is and has been being funded by Bill Gates and his associates (as the caller went on to mention) these complexes were being built into eight deep underground city complexes that were being built for Bill Gates and his associates according to this caller. And, all connected by deep underground mag-rail transportation systems. Why was the Gates home so long in building on Mercer Island in Seattle?

This same caller had mentioned that Bill Gates and his minions and his network in the military corporate complex were building their own personal mag-rail system to these subterranean city complexes for their own safe center of refuge. Also take note of the number military and Air Force complexes in that area of Washington State.

Someone had reported that Paul Allen also has his own flotilla of titanium hulled submarines apparently.

Apparently as according to some reports the Northwest Jesuit community have been building in the Moses Lake region of Washington state their own huge underground safe refuge complexes.

The Elitists are getting themselves prepared aren't they.

Incredible Underground Military Complexes in California

Underground Cities for 2012 Survivors?

deep underground bases

Cooling vents connected to underground base?
July 11, 2009

Consider the huge under ground cavern system that is located in the Southwest United States that is considered to be extremely "Top Secret," that is so large that as reported they have airports in it and they can fly by airplane underground from Dulce New Mexico to Albuquerque New Mexico.

What about the gigantic underground lake that is more then fifty miles by seventy miles in proportional logistics (try to imagine the size of this) under central Arizona, under Gila Bend Arizona.

Reports by observers also mention that they have a huge human cloning facility in this gigantic complex and observers have noted that at certain times of day large numbers of (zombie types) governmental personal can be watched running in large numbers and looking like they are all too similar in appearance to be just a crowd of people out for an afternoon run.

This has also been noticed in the areas of Alamogordo, New Mexico as well where there is also considered to be several deep underground facilities where they are also cloning and carrying on human genetic mutation also.

U.S. Veteran Reveals Atomic Bombs Dropped On Afghanistan And Iraq

underground cities

Underground Cities

Did the US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet!
Sunday, 04 July 2010 08:14

UK, July 4 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - You may find this story hard to believe and at the same time challenge as to why anyone would use such weapons having no regard for other humans that live on this planet. We hear almost weekly about the push by President Obama to fulfill the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by reducing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) but is there any truth behind this PR exercise or is it a case of business as usual?

I am sure you all believe that the last use of nuclear weapons was in Japan during WW2 but I have to tell you that this is far from the truth. In actual fact the US, UK, NATO and Israel have been using WMD’s on an almost daily basis since the conflict in the Balkans in the 1990’s. In actual fact it started well before this when the Israelis went to war with Egypt……this was the first time WMD’s had been used on mass with weapons purchased from the US and with US technicians acting in an advisory role.

We have discussed the use of depleted uranium weapons many times before but maybe no one has truly grasped how serious these actions have been and the greater implications on the rest of the world and our environment.

As an example when we look at Iraq you may find it hard to believe that just one small group of US Naval Vessels dropped on Iraq the equivalent of many thousands of Nagasaki bombs……..add to this the fact that the nanoparticles from these weapons have since crossed international borders and contaminated millions of people unrelated to this conflict. Under the terms of the Geneva Convention that makes these weapons totally indiscriminate and therefore constitutes being a war crime of gigantic proportions (mass genocide). The consequences of all these actions will soon be revealed in the publication of an extensive War Crimes Complaint (a formal legal document) that has already been lodged in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia towards the end of last year.

This document is now being re written in order to show the world what damage these thoughtless actions have and are doing to planet earth and its inhabitants. It is backed up with extremely convincing evidence and I can assure you that no War Crimes Document has ever been written covering such a broad range of topics and never in the history of mother Earth have we witnessed such mass genocide of gigantic proportions. I am sure that few newspapers will print the findings, which is proof in itself that the media is totally controlled. However, the story will be available care of the Palestine Telegraph and other Middle Eastern Outlets in the coming weeks.

Readers will find it deeply disturbing but Leuren Moren and myself feel it is our duty of care to this planet to make this report public and hope at the same time that the world will react and stop these satanic minded people from continuing there master plan which is to depopulate the world in an extremely dramatic and painful way. It will make the Holocaust appear almost miniscule by comparison and at the same time prove that Israel has in actual fact also nuked its own entire population by using these weapons in both Lebanon and Gaza.

So now we will leave the topic of depleted uranium and discuss the fact that the US have and will continue to use Tactical Nuclear Weapons in the battlefields of Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere as required to fulfill their economic greed.

You must all understand this is not a case of such actions being approved by the citizens of America but rather a case of the New World Order (NWO) and all its associated followers carrying out an action to fulfill its own agenda. The master plan and associated actions are the brainchild of the NWO with its Wall Street Bankers, City of London Bankers and all the organizations that we have listed so many times before i.e. Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s etc.

You may ask how does one find out as to what weapons have been used in any given conflict….the answer is that when you are dealing with such a broad spectrum of weapons over many countries the evidence is gathered in a very painful way over a long period of time. No matter how good your intelligences services are or how well concealed you manage to launch such weapons….at some time someone somewhere shoots themselves in the foot by either releasing photographic or video evidence or just simply making a slip up during an interview (such as Rumsfeld and Cheney etc).

The other give away is that when you carry out your own analysis and research of the miles and miles of news footage you eventually find stories about a particular action that just do not add up…….like the many “False Flag” operations that are carried out. You also begin to understand who the double agents are and what their true mission is. Add to this the pain of analyzing hundreds of freeze frames from film clips and you eventually find the truth. As an example when you freeze frame the 9/11 Pentagon incident you can clearly see that is was not a Boeing but that of a missile etc.

So let’s start looking at the usage of Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan and try to understand the magnitude and seriousness of these events. One must also fully understand that any actions in the use of such weapons must directly involve Presidents and Prime Ministers, as they are ultimately responsible for signing off such weapons and there intended usage.

As we learn from other articles I have written, in general, leaders and others members of the political elite really do not care for the people they represent and frequently embark on a self preservation action to either protect their own existence, their own back pocket or to pump illegal funds into their own campaigns. It is corruption at the highest level and in the case of Maggie Thatcher, David Cameron, Keith Warren and David Wilshire and many others it was a case of stealing vast sums of tax payer’s money. How can anyone be so irresponsible to put their own country at great risk in purchasing three tactical nuclear weapons and then have the arms dealer steal them again…….maybe now you are starting to understand the mindset of the people that run our respective countries.

The weapons that were used and continue to evade the eyes of the world’s public is beyond words and in particular the deceit that was carried out in Japan which forms part of this story. Most of these covert operations were carried out at sea onboard US Aircraft Carriers. Many vessels carry a multitude of nuclear weapons and its has become evident that the use of tactical nuclear weapons in fields of conflict could date back to the war in the Balkans.

The "W Division" of the Weapons Department of each aircraft carrier is responsible for maintaining
and preparing the nuclear weapons onboard.

Security for the nuclear weapons is provided by a Marine Corps security detachment assigned to
each aircraft carrier. Aircraft carriers are thought routinely to carry about 100 nuclear weapons
when forward deployed. As of mid-1990, seven aircraft carriers are located in the Atlantic and
five are in the Pacific. Pacific based aircraft carriers are home ported in Yokosuka, Japan.

Nuclear_Store_USS_Midway_12 I find it incredible to believe that
despite the ban on vessels carrying
nuclear weapons in Japan an under
the table deal was arranged to allow
this to take place, One such vessel
was the USS Midway and it later
became clear that a very special place
was allocated for the storage of B61
nuclear bombs and B57 anti submarine
nukes. The entrance to such secret
bunkers on board aircraft carriers are
guarded by US Marines and the colours
tiles on the floor outside of the door is
a clear warning as to how far you are

allowed to go or should I say not go.The yellow tiles will cause the marine to issue you with a no entry
warning and if you step on the inner red square then the marine will draw his weapon.
The other notable difference with the nuclear weapons is that when they come up onto the flight deck

to be loaded onto aircraft they are totally hidden beneath a tarp and escorted out to the aircraft for

loading….a typical aircraft for this role is the Navy S3 Viking aircraft which has an internal weapons

bay. They are then taken under the aircraft and loaded up inside the bay all under great secrecy.

The picture here show very clearly the entrance to the USS Midway’s secret locker and the script below proves that such events really did take place and that the nukes were loaded onto aircraft for operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This is part of one marines CV: Security Forces Battalion
United States Marine Corps

(Government Agency; 10,001 or more employees; USMC; Military industry)

May 1990 — April 1992 (2 years)

Gulf War Veteran. Guarded "special" weapons aboard the USS Midway during Gulf War I.

Sailors who also served on the USS Midway during the early stages of the Afghanistan War described in great detail how these weapons would secretly appear on deck unlike all the other weapons which are normally clearly displayed on the flight deck, including the arming of the aircraft etc.

To add more evidence to their usage during the current wars I have shown a picture of a B61 Nuclear Gravity Bomb and the B57 Anti Submarine Nuke up on deck next to the aircraft with the Special Weapons Team that take care of these weapons. Marines are also visible in the group. This photograph was taken onboard another carrier in 1991 the USS America.

USS_America_B61_and_B57I would also like to point out that some Nuclear Tomahawk Cruise Missiles were also carried and believed used during the war. The norm

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