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William Mount
Sun Jul 3, 2011 08:55

For 7 years I have had a solar panel system connected to the Power Grid.

As a solar Group we have monitored our solar out-put each year.

For 5 years our output has been 1 Kilowatt Hour per watt of solar panel we have mounted on our roof tops.

Thus if you have 480 Watts of solar panels (Like myself) you get 1 Kilowatt hour every year - or 480 Kilowatt hours.

Over the last year I received 640 Kilowatt hours form the sun.

Thus my solar output has risen 33% in the last 2 years.

After working in the shed I built to house this solar array I noticed the variability of the solar input. During the same day, and within a 15 minute period, the input will vary from 11 Apms (30 Watts) to 16 Amps.

What this means Boys and Girls (A Military term) is that we are getting blasted with sun spots despite the lies NASA is putting out on or

The sun rise and set was also marked on a board in the shed. The sun has changed position in the last year. Where it rises and set has moved considerably.

Unless you measured it you may not even notice.

Since I am paid 18 Cents per Kilowatt every year my check is solid proof that the sun is going nuts.

By the way - expect some real solar activity in a few weeks and the plates under the Mid Pacific to begin moving upwards (Buckling) causing Japan to rock and roll and the Mississippi Valley to begin to rock and roll.

As an American you will need the same things I gave my soldiers to survive: Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat, Communications.

As the Mississippi Valley begins to dry out the Fort Calhoun and 3 other Nuclear Reactors will begin melt down and well over 20,000 pounds of raw U-235 and p-239 will be spread across the farmland - causing cancer rates to sky rocket.

There may be as much as 200,000 pounds, but the US Nuclear Regulator Commission will not release any information about how much stored Nuclear Waste is at each Reactor.

Thank you David Rockefeller of New York and the Rothchild's in London. They have ordered Obama to kill you, the American Public, or loose the next election. See Odyssey Dawn.

So when your baby is born with no legs or no eyes, or retarded beyond belief - you know who ordered it. The DC Rat Pack.

Pray with me to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords that these folks are given immediate judgement for their crimes of Murder.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta

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