Ten Arizona sheriffs call for Holder to step down
Mon Jan 30, 2012 04:25

Ten Arizona sheriffs call for Holder to step down

Obama Orders Launched Fast and Furious
Project Gun Runner (Fast and Furious) was launched under the orders of President Barack Obama with the knowledge of Attorney General Eric Holder. Deputy Attorney General David Ogden announced the Obama Administration's new and aggressive 'comprehensive plan' on March, 24, 2009. The plan was aimed at disrupting gun trafficking between the United States and Mexico.

(Hillary Clinton heads the State Department that oversees the program called 'U.S. Commercial Sales,' which licenses and regulates gun sales to foreign entities.)

Since Barack Obama took office in 2009, the commonly-accepted mantra of the Administration, and many within the major news organizations, is that the violence associated with Mexican drug cartels is fueled by guns that came from the United States due to its 'lax gun control laws.' Indeed, the dangerous 'Zetas' drug cartel obtained weapons in the United States for their criminal activity both in Mexico and throughout the American Southwest.

However, the manner in which the Zetas obtained those weapons directly contradicts the official Administration stance on the consequences of lax gun control laws.

The Zetas obtained their weapons through a little-publicized program implemented by the U.S. State Department called 'U.S. Direct Commercial Sales.' The program was intended to regulate the sale of U.S. firearms to other countries, and a direct commercial sale of a firearm requires an export license.

However, as it has been demonstrated repeatedly with the Project Gunwalker Scandal at the ATF, honorable intentions often go terribly awry, particularly when widespread corruption infects a multiplicity of government agencies

Further, one of the leaders of the Zetas cartel insists that ALL of their weapons were obtained in the U.S., many of which were sold to them by the United States government, according to a direct quote provided by the Washington Times. The evidence strongly suggests that this is true. The cartel did not obtain weapons due to lax U.S. gun control laws but due to the activity of a program operated by the State Department. And as it has been repeatedly reported, the guns that were not bought through the government program were likely supplied to the cartel by the illegal scheme perpetrated by the ATF.

According to published reports, the cartel bought many of their weapons in Dallas through U.S. Direct Commercial Sales, which begs the question, why would a program operating under the auspices of the State Department sell firearms to one of the most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico? In addition, it just so happens that the airfield in Fort Worth from which the Zetas fly their guns southward is the same airport used by the DEA--the Drug Enforcement Administration. Is this mere coincidence or an indication of even more sinister activity by an agency of the U.S. government?

Another major issue arises with regard to the nature of Direct Commercial Sales purchases. The program is set up so that the sale of U.S. guns to foreign entities involve direct negotiations with the governments of those countries purchasing the weapons. The description of the program specifically states that it regulates the sale of U.S. firearms to other countries or international organizations.

How, then, did a drug cartel purchase weapons through this program when it is neither an international organization nor a government?

Reports indicate that the cartel set up a company in Mexico that negotiated the sales with U.S. firearms manufacturers who are regulated and controlled by U.S. Direct Commercial Sales.

More: http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-national/how-did-the-zetas-drug-cartel-obtain-weapons-for-criminal-activity

Gunwalker’ Deepens: Agent Zapata Killed By Gun From … Texas?

Family of murdered border agent may sue government after he was killed by U.S. gun sent to Mexico in trafficking programme
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2013628/Family-murdered-border-agent-Brian-Terry-sue-government.html#ixzz1UEoyVORu

Fast & Furious: IRS, DEA, and ICE Involved
Human Events notes a heated exchange in yesterday’s House Oversight Committee hearings into Operation Fast & Furious, between Special Agent in Charge William Newell and Rep. Patrick Meehan (R., Penn.). After initial evasions from Newell, Congressman Meehan gets him onto the ropes, eventually forcing him to admit that the ATF and FBI were not the only federal bodies involved, but that the IRS, DEA, and ICE played roles also. “Who’s left to implicate?” asks John Hayward:
More: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/272859/fast-furious-irs-dea-and-ice-involved-charlie-cooke


Feds Silent on How Convicted Felons Bought Guns in 'Operation Fast and Furious' (with video)
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/07/25/feds-refuse-to-explain-why-proper-background-checks-werent-conducted-on-fast/#ixzz1TStveXTv

Is 'Fast and Furious' Just the Tip of Obama's Gun Smuggling Iceberg?


ATF Scandal Threatens to Bring Down Top Obama Administration Officials

Private Prisons for Profit Out of Control

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