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William Mount
Wed Sep 19, 2012 06:56

Tomorrow on Ch 77 and 23 (Comcast Seattle) "All Day Live" (Dr Will Wilson) and "Call For Investigation" (Pat Schupe and Kieth Ljunghammer) will discuss the 22,000 American's Bayer Pharmasudical killed and the another 150,000 they paralyzed with one of their tests.

You will further learn how they actually arrested folks or forced Veterans to participate in the study either with or without their prior knowledge.

In addition, this study was also conducted in Europe. Kill figures were not available for Europe.
1) History:

In January of 2006 The Bayer Corporation began a study to test out a new product called Aprotitin (Trypsin) that was supposed to aid in Open Heart Surgery to prevent excessive bleeding.

Like most Medical Studies, the money came initially from the DOD and the procedures were performed at University Hospitals.

The Product worked by stopping the break down of blood clots. A novel approach to heart surgery.

All across the nation people from Prisons were brought into the Universities and knocked out without their permission, or they were Coerced into it.

As for the Veterans - they were threatened to either undergo the surgery or loose all health care and Benefits.

This kind of Coercion has been used on me at the VA as well, so now I fight. I refused to roll over. My only crime was to serve my county.

I also have a tape recorder and camera every time I go to the VA Hospital. If I smell a rat - I use it and then I post it on You Tube.

The study lasted from Jan 2007 to Nov 2007 and after 22,000 American deaths and 150,000 paralyzed American's out of 431,000 - the tests were terminated.

There were no pay outs for paralyzing or killing these Criminals, those who had left jail freely and were re-arrested for the study, or the American Veterans they paralyzed or killed.

The majority of Test Subjects were Black and Mexican.

2) As in the case of the Individual who will be on TV: He (We shall call him Joe) had been out of jail for several months and the Local Police sought him out, arrested him, and transported him to the University of Washington Hospital. There he was given a choice: Take the Surgery or go back to jail.

When Joe awoke at the University Hospital he was completely paralyzed - in a Coma. He could see and hear, but nothing else. The hospital staff spoke openly around Joe because they thought he had Brain Damage as well and was out like a rock.

Oops - they openly discussed the tests and Joe saw and heard it all - and remembered Every Word.

When the University of Washington Hospital released Joe they did so without removing the Plastic Tubes in his neck and arms. This is not only bad medicine but very dangerous to the patient -- the University of Washington doctors and nurses involved in the study knew that and discussed it before they released him.

When Joe was released he had a high fever.

Joe had contracted MERSA in the hospital (a Staff infection from the Dirty University of Washington Hospital, Seattle) and had to be re-admitted for a stay, and receive, high levels of Antibiotics.

3) Fast Forward 5 years:

Joe is just now finally beginning to walk normally and he can now walk freely without the use of Diapers.

The University has given him 16 different Medications to consume all at once and he has had not 1, but 2 Pace Makers added to his chest.

Apparently the first Pace Maker was faulty and the wrong type according to the Surgeon who put in the second one.

How can a University install a Wrong Pace Maker unless it wanted to?

Before the operation Joe did not need these medications or the Pace Maker.

In other words - Joe was permanently damaged during the "Study" by the Bayer Corporation.

4) So what happened to the University Doctors and Bayer Employees that killed these folks, many of who's only crime was to serve this nation valiantly?


The FBI Joy Boys made no arrests and took no actions against the Murderers at the Bayer Corporation.

If you are in Service please realize the FBI will take NO action to discipline those who kill Service Members and Veterans.

5) Where do you go for further info?

Try Bayer BART study - but most information about the killing of Veterans and Paralyzing of these folks has been hidden.

6) If you are an Attorney - here is a Big Fat Case involving 431,000 Unwilling Victims of yet another Bayer study.

Good Job Sir Will P Wilson, Ph.D., another real News Show on your Cable TV, Ch 77 and 23 Seattle Comcast.

Do not expect ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX or CNN to follow suit - they are Cowards and Sell Outs.
For you Intel Geeks:

Please replace Hillary Clinton's State Department Protocols as issued in Mid 2011, pulling away the Bullets form Marines who guard our embassies.

Please also allow ALL Military Officers (Retired or not) and all Acting President's (Ambassadors) to wear a loaded 9MM with 6 clips and a Bullet Proof Vest at all times.

If you do not more Ambassadors will die as a result of Hillary's Actions.

A Quote form one of Bill Clinton's Guards: "I do not mind finding Women for Bill, but it is a real pain to find women for Hillary."
We place before the thrown of the Living GOD the lives of those at Bayer and the University Hospitals who were involved in the murder of 22,000 Americans.

Thank you for reading APFN

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

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