China - Girdle Your Loins
Thu May 28, 2015 18:30

Leaders of China - Girdle Your Loins.

You were told that the US would get hit, then Russia then the Mighty China.

Two days ago DC was evacuated on Memorial Day as there was an "Earth Quake" there and then Smoke began pouring out of a vent leading to these underground places you cherish so well.

This morning the man in charge of Russian Natural Gas Pipeline Manufacturing was shot with ripples throughout Russia as their Congress (Dumas) took action to ban "Hit Man" adds across Russia.

China, mighty China - Home of the Red Dragon and Golden Dragon Families. Now you will watch the Hand of GOD reach across China and you will not like what HE sows.

You should have done as GOD asked earlier. Now, since you did not listen to HIS message through HIS messenger, now HE will have to speak to your leadership.

Heed well what GOD says and may I personally recommend you do as HE has previously directed you to do or the penalties for Arrogant Ignorance will increase.


Chinese Leadership - Girdle Your Loins.
Dr William B. Mount

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