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"I Donít Know Why You Let Them Take Thee Like This, Foul?"
Thu Nov 26, 2015 07:36

"I Donít Know Why You Let Them Take Thee Like This, Foul?"

Bitch was just finishing this post when I heard a voice say that to me: "I donít know why you are letting them take thee like this, foul?"

Has Judah fighting this deal for a strike over ridden the power of Labor to act?

Will Labor not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and prevent them from taking thee like this, foul?

"It's an Awesome Fail"

That is a Tele receive from 6.24 AM. "It's an awesome fail."

Here's some more Tele receives:

"Care. 4.28 PM

The fish mart is out. 4.44 PM

Push them right out. 4.54 PM

Bureau of death died. 5.27 PM

Their perks have failed.

The Jew boy molest is dead, he died this field. 6.50 PM

They are throwing us out of this place.

We're alge bits. 6.55 PM

Lost stupid cow. 6.59 PM

It is not accepted you are dead. 9.33 PM

Harsh you guys have failed. 9.38 PM

You at war. 10.45 PM

Useful died, very sightless. 10.49 PM

Vanquished fish.

Our race out. 10.56 PM

Toss them out of this field. 10.57 PM

"H----- got you free. 12.52 AM

They psyche awfully dumb. 12.54 AM

Bitter ends. 1.12 AM

They victim us. 2.09 AM"
A sad, abusive poverty forced in on the people of the world, the children of God of planet earth. The cipher that does it, the international brand of weap Judah. War the method to enforce it. Physical violence to hold Judah sport in. The authority to issue our money, the root element of it.

The nation that gave Judah his ability to assault the whole world out, the United States of America. The most powerful economic engine the human race has ever seen, now in its death throws as our air, water and fields are being scientifically, systematically, poisoned out.

The destruction of the human life form at the genetic level with radioactive waste. The perfect genocide against the children of God has been committed by weap Judah against all of us.

"I've never failed to die them off with corruption," Judee say.

A totally corrupted political system. The requirements to hold office are to be in agreement with weap Judah, authorize and participate in criminal schemes. Administrations nationwide so corroded, so corrupted, as we lose our nation and we pass out of life form, not one office holder able to help us.

Now all the people being poisoned out terminally.

Simultaneously American Labor being held to finance all the war in our world.

As criminal of a system as has ever existed anywhere at any time and is now the everyday operation of the United States of America.

The nation that was not allowed to become a nation in 1789 without a Bill of Rights as the central part of the system. Americans Bill of Rights thrown away by weap Judah, reducing all the peoples' rights to the rights of serfs.

The people, if not for the love of our good God for his children on earth, perished out in a nuclear blast war.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail." Our good God asked us.

Will we not pray that Labor will have the courage, the sight, the hearing, the love of God in their hearts to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, away from them?

Is it not something to think about, all this war, death and destruction, forced in by the authority to issue our money being held in only the hands of weap Judah?

"We mental hostile bad," Judee say.

Are we perceiving that when they no longer have the private authority to issue our money in their hands, they will not be able to mental hostile into our world?

If we understand that it is the authority to issue our money that has created this world of perfected destruction, will we not take the authority to issue our money out of their hands?

"Cash." What is it other than abstract receipts of Labor?

Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a living chance to survive this nuclear waste war of extermination?

A false society of death and destruction that the human race can survive if only Labor will act and STRIKE THEM OUT.

Judah has hard wired himself to not stop his assault upon the human race. As long as he has all the free money he wants from the hands of American Labor his destruction of the United States of America will not end.

The bulk of American Labor now being pushed out by new lower wage rate Labor made available by the war that Judah is making, using the American Labor dollar.

Income sources for the people being reduced in every way possible. Does Labor not see how it is at the mercy of weap Judah as long as it has no say so in the issue of our money?

A wondrous range of new technologies coming in to feed , house and clothe all of Gods kids, if only Labor will STOP THE WAR. Do we not perceive that everything hinges on whether or not American Labor will STOP THE WAR?

It is not a question if American labor can stop the war, for is it not certain that when Labor walks out on strike, the war will be ended in a day?

If weap Judah no longer has the product of American Labor to distribute to whomever he wishes as is his whim, will that not remove him forever from us then?

If Judah no longer has unlimited free money to hire writers to cleverly fool people, who will there be to fool the people then?

If Judah no longer has unlimited free money to bribe officials to let him set his satchels off, how will he be able to set his bombs off if his crimes will not be able to be covered up?

"Our beautiful right is about to not exist," Judee say.

Do we recall that Judah gave himself the right to take our lives away from us? Judah considers killing us to be a "natural" right.

Are we not lucky that Judah right collided with God's love to keep his children in? For was there not a thing other than the love of God that saved us when Judah attacked us with his thousands of nuclear warheads?

"We canít fight a legitimate theory with our fool," Judee say.

God commands us to "love one another," and thousands of years of looking at this world and Judah unwilling to see the truth of who we are. Can we only wonder what kind of blindness could have kept Judah making war upon us for so long?

"Their journey fell." Tele receive. 2.51 AM

While it may be of interest to understand what exactly the Judas blindness was due to, do we not see that it does not matter to us?

Do we not see that God has let Judah dispose of his own troubled self?

Will we not praise the love of God for letting Judah take himself and his problem right on out of here?

Do we recognize that the Judah cipher is a sick cipher Labor? In reverse speech they tell us they have a disease. It is manifested in making war. They know this and all who have looked at it know it also.

God our Father sees Judah disease demonstrated as a weakness. "An inability to accommodate others."

The rules of Father's house are that we all have free will. So do we see that Father lets Judah do as he will?

Our elders from outer have at their disposal the technical ability to do whatever they wish,the rules of the high level life form world are that they do not impact people physically.

So though we are now about sealed into nuclear waste extinction, do we not see that Father will not pull Judah to end Judah war? Do we not see we must do this ourselves?

The life forms that fail to resist Judah war making, and involve themselves in allowing Judah to make his war, do we not see that we now are facing the ultimate end of our life forms?

Things may be going well for some one personally, so why be concerned about Judah making war?

As we pay our income taxes that are used to fund Judah sport war, do we not see that we have a duty to not let our money be used to harm another human Being?

Are we perceiving that when we fail in our duty to not let our money be used to make war, we set ourselves up to be warred out ourselves?

God our Father will never harm us. God our Father has warned us thousands of times over the last few years to STOP THE WAR. Do we not perceive that we will go on out of life form for our failure to STOP THE WAR?

"We thought that when you learned they pushed the button you would do something." Elder said.

Have we not informed ourselves to the level to understand that we all would have been perished out in an all out nuclear holocaust in the middle of the night of June11, 2011 if not for the love of God for his children on earth?

Having been informed of this brutal truth for over four years now, and the best we can do is nothing?

Bitch thinks that at this last moment to save ourselves that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT.

Are we reading that Judah has sold us over to the tender mercies of the Russian communist party leadership for his next opp on us?

Might we note, Russia has attacked America with long-range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles as has Germany and England to?

It's our last chance here American labor to save ourselves.

If we fail, then biblical prophesy will be fulfilled for failing to STOP THE WAR.

A third of the human race will be perished out by Judah, 200 million will be Americans that will go out of life form in the next 6 years.

Trade freedom for security? Do we not see that is a false premise? For is our security not best guaranteed by freedom itself?

Foreign troops and transports now arranged to be used by Judah to settle the score with Americans. Has Judah not always hated our freedoms? Of course he has. Has the Bill of Rights not been the greatest obstacle to him mousing us right? Yes it has.

"You're involved in sin, your lives wonít be spared." Elder from outer space said to us.

"We came to warn you." Our Qwill friend said to us.

While the war that we have funded for Judah sport may have been waged far away on distant shores, do we not see that is coming home to us?

Do we not see that Judah has involved us in sin?

Are we not aware that no one is too small or too large to breathe nuclear waste in?

Might some say, "time to meet the new boss, same as the old boss, so why should I get myself involved in the issue of whether or not to STOP THE WAR?

If we think a little further ahead, do we not see that Father has given us the peace and with it, afforded us an opportunity to change the entire dynamic of our world?

With a committee of the whole issuing our money instead of weap Judah, do we not see that we can bring ourselves into a world that is fit for all of God's kids on earth?

Do we not see that the new boss is not the same as the old boss because there will be no new boss only Labor issuing our money?

Have some been wondering how it is that God almighty of heaven and earth should whisper in Bitch's ears these things?

What with a fault of stupid, "Itís set you back away's," elder said. Personality deficits, deeply imperfect with some personal inadequacies, and yet God spoke to this man Bitch? How did that happen?

Might it be because at the root level, Bitch has something very useful to himself and everyone else and Father wants his children cared for? If so what is it?

In the hierarchy of priority is there anything more important than preserving ones own life?

For if we cannot keep our own lives in, what use is anything else then? Do we see that Bitch has been focusing on how to stay alive in a world full of nuclear weapons? Can we not appreciate that Father loves us and does not want his children destroyed in war?

"You insultinate us." Tele receive. 2.32 PM

Bitch is continually striving to not do that.

Will Labor not help us get out the Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot that is threatening to take us away in MEGA DEATH numbers?

Do we see that Bitch has got his priorities strait?

Has Bitch not focused on war for 50 years now and how to stop it?

The penultimate mind degrading experience that Judah likes to do to the children of God. Foul us all down in war.

Before Bitch knew we had a God, for he didnít believe it himself, he was active to get this nuclear threat off us all.

Do we see that Bitch intelligence is useful if only others will heed the call and help STOP THE WAR? Do we not perceive that this Judah has destroyed us all in nuclear war? Not once but twice?

First with blast and now waste. Is there not some way to bring Labor to help us all?

While some may want to look at the symptoms of war, must we not go to the root of it all?

What is the root of War?

Do we not see it is who it is that has the authority to issue our money in their hands?

Might it be Bitch one eight sand vibe plus his mathematical ability opened his mind to see the dangerous threat, that could crush us in a few hours?

Might the intuitive, the unconscious mind figured out the score?

Do we see how it is that God himself has graced Bitch by speaking to such a humble nice boy?

The beautiful and handsome faces will not survive the hatchet of Judah mercenaries that are coming in to claim us.

We've been given a chance by our good God above and all the angels that Father sent in to help us. If we force this war to go on by paying for it, then we will perish in MEGA DEATH numbers. There is nothing more complicated here than that.

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" Our elders from space have advised us.

If we go on like nothing is wrong, might there be no one left to claim us? "Left stranded on a burned out planet to die?"

Worldwide ecological destruction from the nuclear waste weap that Judah is boring in on us. It's our last chance, weíre going no farther here. Either we STOP THE WAR, or our loss of sight will harm us.

"You've been harmed." The late state of Iowa MUFON director Jim King said.

Do we understand why the presence of extraterrestrials has been kept from us?

"You've been harmed."

Isn't that just like Judah, to poison us but we not find out about it until many months or years later?

Instead of living to 75 we fall out at just 39. Are we not yet perceiving the genius of weap Judah

This good God we have is mighty Labor, Father loves us all. If we fail after Father's loving warnings, then we may forever lose our way.

Judah is not of Father's house. He has chosen to throw himself away.

All of our air, food and water to be lethally poisoned now forever. Is there not some way that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT, and take the authority to issue our money away from them TODAY?

Father does not want the beast savaging his children.

Judah, he's out Labor. Do we see that the only question now is, "are we going out with him?"

Spend twenty years building a nice little business concession and he'll take us out just to take over the business concession.

Rather than an ownership of the authority to issue our money, might we consider that what Judah has is a concession to issue our money?

Will Labor not take his concession stand down?

"Thrill," Judee say.

Judah is commanding Labor using the power of the purse of American Labor. He is bringing us into war of a larger format.

His keystone cops videos of Turkish rifles firing at the parachute coming down out of the sky.

Shell hybrid transplant Judah in Russia and Shell hybrid transplant Judah in Turkey waging a propaganda war to bring the ordinary people in to a big fight on the ground.

Must Labor not end funding the show?

"My children need help." God almighty said. Will Labor not help the children of God? We're being perished out in the eternal war of Judah.

Must we not stop funding war? Must we not find the courage to end funding those who only make war in our world?

"Criminals with real fight, get their genius out." Tele receive. 5.55 AM

There's no more time here Labor. It looks that either we STOP THE WAR, and save ourselves, or Father will have to begin the rapture to bring his righteous to Safety as the surface of our world becomes too polluted to survive in.

April is when we will begin to realize how sick we all will be until we pass out of life early.

Continues at:

We're only four months away from that time now. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and

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