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"You're all Confused" That is a Tele receive, "you're all c
Tue Dec 1, 2015 08:26

"You're all Confused"

That is a Tele receive, "you're all confused," 12.24 AM

"False." Tele receive. 5.47 PM

That may have been for the post from the day before where Bitch said that there was not one honest official coast to coast, sea to shining sea in this tyranny. Might there be an honest official that just has not been able to change things? If there is, my apologies.

"My bankster deals are over with. I just sport druid locks because I hate you. Our shoot holds ya's. I've always been rolling them accessories good. We're antique and ever war cable. If it wasn't for the Martians my genius state would have won," Judee say.

"Perished you out." Tele receive. 12.36 AM

"Vanilla cashed you." Tele receive. 12.18 AM

"They scored this field forever. You failed breeze. You failed to save your sight holders here. Gentlemen on whiskey got waltzed." Tele receive. 12.42 AM

"We're separated," Judee say.

Judah has left us for genocide. His ability to put the world into war and keep the world in war. His vast apparatus of deception. His prison states. His ability to convince the people to hold him in. His terrorism.

All made possible by having the private authority to issue our money. America, the wealthiest score of Judah ever, funded the destruction of our world.

"We shoot druid to reduce right. Angel shot is out. I charge you for ignoring me. Cause of my ruse my gemels already went. I scrabble the truth. We fist fun. We exhaust wit with criminals.

This white boy wonít let me stay, it's rather sad. This snitch Bitch blew my truth and I'm off campus for all times. Stupid, you're informing them about our thief, I'm very helpless.

When we get government we bullfinch. I'm more foolish to die you out with speed. With Jail I failed all your wit. Jewish people sweep cored you's from Virginia. Outlaw Jew is pushed out cause our cannibal force is obvious,"" Judee say.

"Establish them out of here." Tele receive. 1.04 AM

For attacking us in the middle of the night with thousands of nuclear warheads, have they not established themselves out of here right?

Just said "Good wishes" to Jason and his telepathic voice mailbox shared this message for today:

"Their true management fell popular brief. Transportable Jews are still fighting."

Was just getting ready to post and saw these reverse speech from international news:

"Even in spite of Bitch, with war I fail you. Our performance is ready to go, we have whites we are ready to fist. We are going to take you for a dungeon shoot. The white people we are going to sewer. You cite me idiot but my genus pitch you. I'm a savage preposterous rude, I just use children the right way to die you rude."

Those reverse speech came from high level people. These are the people that are keeping war going in our world. Can we not urge Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT? Please Labor take the authority to issue our money away from them.

A cipher that only makes war, took private control of the most powerful economic engine ever built by man, America. Put us into eternal war with the world.

Still holding us into world wars at this very moment.

Built the technology to get us all out of life with a four-hour shot. Judah built the back up nuclear waste technology to get us all dead in 6 years.

Putting us into famine now by destroying our fields.

"STRIKE the management out for truth." Tele receive. 1.16 AM

America, now put into a mass die off. Judah at Hitachi-GE shooting a couple of thousands of Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of radiation into our environment everyday.

Is there any possibility that the people do not understand that they are forcing themselves out of life by funding the nuclear war that is being waged against us?

Might it be that things are so comfortable for so many that we just donít want to look at the downside of what we are facing here?

Did the Federation not inform us two thousand years ago what to expect in the end days? Has the bible not given us the truth of the reality that we are facing now?

The background radiation now hundreds of times higher than normal throughout America. Can't smell it, taste it or see it, and yet it is there.

Those who have weakened systems already from diabetes, overweight issues, heart or lung problems. People who are treatable that may have many years ahead, might we wonder how many will be stolen away early due to the environmental poison of radiation in our environment?

How many that may have had another good twenty years of life, now snuffed out in months by breathing hot radioactive particles.

And what about the healthy?

Breathing hot radioactive waste particles, might we not see many tumors in the next few years? Lung cancer in MEGA DEATH numbers?

The kindness and compassion of our beautiful precious sweet Father. God's forgiveness and mercy to his children of planet earth.

Will we not pray for Fathers love to help us as we force ourselves out of life form? Will we not pray and act for peace?

Bitch writes Tele receives as he hears them. Some of them may be coming from Judah. Has Judah not proven to be a specialist at slipping disinformation in?

"Ignore strangeness." Tele receive. 1.40 AM

Bitch function is to convince Labor to help us and STOP THE WAR.

Bitch's first function was to blow Judah's cover about what he tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011 when he fired a volley of nuclear missiles at us. Has Bitch not succeeded in that?

Sure he has. Is there any mature person who is not aware that Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear bombs that came in on a thousand intercontinental ballistic missiles from the sea?

"I have a submarine because I'm a loser," Judee say.

Now that he has used his submarine to try and get us out with a four hour shot, do we not see the Judah cipher clearly now?

His attempt with British submarines on the night of June 11th, 2014 where he casually lofted 960 nuclear warheads at us from off of the East coast of America.

Every single warhead burst off by the two extraterrestrial spacecraft from Mars that God our Father sent in to protect us.

Sir Casper, our Martian neighbor and good friend, pulled every single shot by prematurely bursting them off high in the sky.

Two hours of shooting and not one nuclear warhead got past our Martian friends. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing us from the nuclear blast genocide of Judah?

"I'm still dying ya's," Judee say

Hot July afternoon 1978. The fireman came out of the power plant of Illinois Institute of Technology and informed Bitch, who was enjoying the summertime sun, that the boiler had gone off line due to high steam pressure.

So little steam was being used, steam pressure went too high and it tripped an over pressure safety switch on the boiler.

Bitch went into the boiler room and put the controls on manual and began to restart the boiler to put it back online.

Having been at the power plant for less than a year, Bitch had never started one of their boilers.

It was about 6 stories tall. The boiler controls were on a seven foot tall twenty foot wide panel board.

Alarm bells and whistles were screaming. Tension was in the air. Bitch shifted all the automatic controls to manual and pressed the start button.

The boiler let loose with a roar and a series of boom booms shaking the whole power plant. A long flame shot out of the oil burner holder and the boiler rumbled for several seconds until it went into a full safety shut down.

Controls were offline and the boiler could not be started again.

Bitch immediately began to start another one of the boilers in the steam plant.

All went well and it was online and in full operation within an hour or so.

What had happened upon reviewing the situation is that all the controls had been shifted to manual except for one, the fuel valve. That of course was the most important one of them all.

It was located separately a few feet away and not among the other control valves. A little bit confusing especially for some one who had never lit the boiler off before.

The safety shut down activated due to the overpressure in the chimney of the boiler, and to reset that switch the induced draft fans needed to be put on high to pull it back in pneumatically. Bitch didn't know that at the time.

No one was hurt, luckily. No damage to anything. Things were restored quickly because there was another boiler ready to go.

Bitch worked there for while longer and the next boileroom was running a bakery steam and refrigeration plant.

A couple of years later, happened to drive by and saw steam trucks parked outside the IIT steam plant running steam lines in.

A boiler had blown up doing $100,000 dollars in damage.

The explosion while starting the boiler that had happened to Bitch, occurred again several years later. An operating boiler went off line. This time it happened in the cold weather instead of the warm July when it happened to Bitch.

When the shift engineer went to restart the boiler, again he missed the fuel valve that was located further away on the control panel. All the switches were turned to manual to restart the boiler except for the fuel valve, that remained on automatic.

As the steam pressure had dropped, the automatic gas fuel valve swung wide open, with all the other equipment in manual mode and set at minimum for a restart.

When the engineer pushed the start button, a surge of gas went into the boiler and detonated immediately blowing up the boiler and putting it out of service until the $100,000 dollars in repairs were completed many months later.

Why did it blow up and do all that damage and it did not do the damage when Bitch started it similar?

Bitch restarted the boiler in the hot air of July, when the air is expanded with a minimal amount of oxygen in it. The engineer who started the boiler in the cold weather had the misfortune of dense cold oxygen rich air, which let the gas burn within a second or two causing an explosion.

Bitch heard the boiler rumble and boom in the hot July air for possibly 8 to 10 seconds when it happened to him in July. The low oxygen in the hot summer air prevented the natural gas from burning quickly and doing permanent damage to the boiler.

Winter engineer not so lucky. Instead of an 8 to 10 second rumbling gas burn on start up, winter engineer got a one second oxygen rich BOOM instead, blowing the boiler up.

Sometime later Bitch was reading the USME, used to be called the US Mechanical code, now called the IMC, the International Mechanical code, and discovered some thing interesting.

According to code, on start up of a boiler, the fuel valve should have a safety interlock. If it passes a preset amount, 10% or less, of full fuel flow, the gas valve and start up button should be locked out and not operate.

So though the fuel valve may open wide, no fuel should be allowed to pass if the valve is not in a minimal safe fuel flow position on start up.

Bitch also read of several engineers losing their lives on boiler start up due to excess gas in the boilers.

In very cold weather, liquid natural gas, specifically propane, used as the fuel, during a missed start up, the propane from the first failed start attempt remained liquid in very cold weather and in the fire box, and the second attempt to start the boiler with oxygen rich air blew it up killing several engineers over the years.

And what might this little story have to do with us being burned out in a nuclear waste war?

Might it reveal that Bitch intelligence probes until he finds out, "What happened here?"

When Bitch summertime fun discovered that the automatic valve was not switched onto manual because of operator unfamiliarity with the control panel, and the fuel valve swung wide open causing an explosion in the boiler, activating the over pressure safety switch in the chimney, shutting the boiler all the way down, might proper diligence have uncovered that there should have been a switch to prevent the gas valve from being open more than 10% on boiler start up, and prevent the explosion from happening in the first place?

"You have a limited range, operate within it." Elder from outer space said to Bitch.

Thank you Sir Bitch says.

Do we see Labor that this "limited range" has a specific facility of mind that can give good, useful service?

Will Labor not accept as true that this facility of mind of finding error was useful enough that it spotted the mortal error of nuclear weapons in November of 1965?

As this technical facility of mind has also puzzled out mathematically what puzzled the top scientists of the last century, the mystery of free energy extraction, and figured it out close enough to where electronic engineers can now build circuitry because they understand where to extract the free energy from, will you not also accept that when this facility of mind shares the truth of the hazardous situation we are in, labor will recognize this and act to help us here?

Elders have told Bitch that his technical facility of mind is higher than he himself is aware of. Bitch is not a charismatic leader. Bitch is a technical guy, a simple working man. One of the many people that operate, repair and maintain this wondrous abundance producing machine that we have.

He does not want to see it go away. Is there anybody who thinks that radioactive chemical waste contaminated food is going to help our nation? Food is a big export for us. Who will want to buy our food when it is all poisoned by Jewish electricity waste ?

We read in the papers, "there was a report of a gunman in the area. A shot was heard. They immediately locked down the schools." Might there not be something wrong with the entire language style they use?

Are we not understanding these guys are clowning with us?

With unlimited free cash do we not see how much nonsense they hire to put into our world? "Locked down the schools?" MIght they be trying to prepare us for future world with their safety "lock down" of us?

Bitch spotted the Mortal Error of nuclear blast fifty years ago. More recently Elders from outer space have briefed Bitch on just how deadly is nuclear waste. Is it not seen by those who have sight, we will not survive it right if labor lets them die us out?

Should Judah four speed male electricity problem be rated Mortal Error two? Or maybe return of Mortal Error? Planet of the apes of Mortal Error? The Creature from the Mortal Error room? Rodan meets Godzilla in Mortal Error?

Not to be silly here, do we not yet see just what we are facing yet? Will Labor not accept that it has financed in whole not just Mortal Error One, nuclear blast MEGA DEATH, but also Mortal Error Two, nuclear waste MEGA DEATH?

Will puppy love hold Labor into Mortal Error Three? Does Labor not see this is our last chance? Judah is already in his mountain hotel shelters. If our die is allowed to go down, Father may rapture his righteous into the undergrounds. 25 miles in, that's where theyíre at.

Elders actually have the technical ability to beam us right through rock and stone. And here all this time, how many of us thought Star Trek was fiction?

If we are honest with ourselves, is there any way that we should be the ones funding the die of ourselves?

Bitch no charismatic guy; you'll have to find that for yourselves somewhere. Bitch is a guy that can spot error. Is it not perceived that his facility of mind can help us to save ourselves?

Youíre going to have to want to do it though yourselves. They hike us from Ottawa.

They march around with rifles and guns all the time laughing at us. Will Labor not let them off right?

While in the past it has been said that, "you canít make a silk purse out of a sows ear." With modern high tech do we not see that we can make anything we want to?

With our modern high tech and our good God above to guide us do we not see that we can have peace and abundance? Not just for some, for everyone!

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