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"Contact You Blew Bad" That is a Tele receive from 2.48 AM.
Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:25

"Contact You Blew Bad"

That is a Tele receive from 2.48 AM. "Contact you blew bad."

Tele receives:

"Our shacks are all goin'. 5.09 PM

I'm warning you about this scorcher. 5.13 PM

You Homicide yourself.

Save us. 6.32 PM

Terrorists horrify. 7.30 PM

They tossed us with an awesome die.

Sale. 7.43 PM

Jerk has been refused. 10.57 PM

We are lost in repentance. 1.15 AM

This is not wood.

Stupid. 1.21 AM

You're wounded mortals. 2.16 AM

The government is foulament mousing here.

Rights, we pay for it.

Stupid fumble. 2.28 AM

You lost your life like this.

You all be forceless forced. 2.29 AM

We all died big house. 2.37 AM

It's been that way for years but why is it?

Your lives are futive. 2.47 AM

Life has falsed you out falsely.

Contact you blew bad. 2.48 AM

Desperation dies us here. 2.49 AM

A terrible life force is opping you easily." 2.57 AM

It is now 4.43 PM. Today's post has been up at Simple site for a few hours now. The German news report is still off the cable here so no reverse speech from Germany at this time. The Asian news is back on again. Here are a few reverse speech from the news report:

"My molest arrest you right, I got Germany who is going to shoot you out. Patrick is going next super war. Tuesday I'm going to throw you out with Germany. Jew dispose of you with goose mon. A new bolt will shot them failed. My purpose is obviously to perish you. I just can't sport you out with Germany and my baseboard, I'm sporting you fully real soon. We got our fool out."

Might we not ask, "Who is their fool?"

Are we understanding the attack upon America is to begin real soon?

"They made me a grease spot, Judas is a true psychopath."

That was a lady in Asia living in harsh circumstances. Are we understanding Labor what the lady is saying to us all?

Here is the rest of today's post. Thank you.

Contact, is that not to be our way out of the death and destruction, the hatred of eternal war of Judah? Blew it bad?

"I'm taking out all the air you use, that's our predator way. The guy in Iowa insult you and give me a chance to do my opps," Judee say

Will Labor not forgive Bitch accidental insult and act to prevent Judah from doing his opps?

Do we not see that he is taking our air away intentionally?

Bitch posted an article about Morris Jessup yesterday and just posted it and didn’t check the links out.

After it was up on APFN, checked the links and they went to Amazon with a sale of the author's books.

If Bitch would have been more thorough he would have pulled those sales links out. Bitch is not selling anyone's books. There is no recommendation. Never read them myself.

Bitch was looking for a picture of Morris Jessup and that is how he found that site.

Morris Jessup had figured the basic out concerning contact with extraterrestrials.

Morris hypothesized that extraterrestrials have been here forever. He surmised they have computers that are monitoring us all the time and have throughout our history.

Bitch read Jessup's book, "The Case for the UFO" numeous times. It was so interesting and thought provoking.

"B" contacted Bitch after reading it for about the 17th time. After Bitch spent some time with "B," Brainiac, he learned that "B" has been here for 70,000 years on station monitoring planet earth and us.

All the leaders in our history, the Videos are in storage. Is it not exciting to think about having all the videos and sound that our elders have that we some day may be able to watch and listen to of all the leaders, and others, of the human race throughout history?

The Wall Street board rooms with conversations before World War I.

The royals' secret conferences and what they talk about when they are alone together. Might that not be interesting listening to?

Elders have a range of devices to listen and video us with. Flies, mosquitoes. Grasshoppers.

Invisible electronic microphones and cameras.

Father gave us the command to "love one another."

Have we not had a proper demonstration how Judah cipher worms his way in under the guise of being our friend, when in reality he puts himself in to destroy us when he gets the chance?

Thank you Father for loving us. Thank you for sending your angels in to spare us from extinction in Judah war on the children of God in your village. Thank you for giving us a second chance to get it right.

America, a land of unimaginable wealth, unlimited opportunity, with millions living in desperation out on the streets. A vast dungeon apparatus. Unending wars decade after decade. Snipers shooting us down on the streets.

"You insufult." Tele receive. 3.51 AM

Could that be suffer insult? Might that be in reference to yesterdays post saying that Canada has been used as a route to send Assassins into America? Canada is the route that the French troops will use for the upcoming sweep of America.

Might it have been more correct to say the Judah troops from France?

Canada, not unlike America, is in the hold of the issuers of our money. That "Raoul," was in Montreal directing the assassination of Dr. King, might the way Bitch said it cast a negative aspersion on our good neighbors to the north?

My apologies for that. The Canadian border is a route in to America that Judah may use to bring his Judah French troops in.

Are we understanding that Judah controls completely immigration and borders passage?

Will Americans not get smart and take the authority to issue our money away from the most dangerous life form of them all, weap Judah?

Have some remodeling done in the last couple of years in the neighborhood? Maybe the mall had some face lifting done inside?

Might it have been a cover for Judah to get some of his satchel charges into the wall for the day when the "Muslims" wink, wink, arrive?

Do some of us remember the strange otherworldly looking creature that was found under the
Brooklyn Bridge?
Might that be a "MARKING?"

Might our elders be pointing out a bridge that Judah plans to take out when he begins his last big war against America?

"We always end with a war siege," Judee say.

The vast, incredibly wealthy nation is about to take a hit from weap Judah that is intended to leave us broken forever. To return us to the autocratic rule of long ago.

Are we figuring his plan is to put desperation onto a much larger group of Americans than Judah has done already?

To sicken our environment in a lethal way. The plan to die the majority of Americans off with nuclear waste.

To open his large scale concentration camps where can hold millions more of us in.

So far moving ahead with absolutely no resistance from American Labor. Is there not some agreement that labor could stop it in a day? Will Labor not try it?

"Why didn't you try it." Precious sweet Father asked Labor.

"I would have given you anything." Precious Father said.

Will Labor not help us and join with the love of God and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Contact you blew bad.

Let's revolt. 4.34 PM

You have no rights so you have been outed stupid fisty." 4.54 PM

"My whole assignment's bad, Europe's going to score them, arrangements are already made. I say Sash Kotoff," Judee say.

Are we understanding that Judah's last assignment is to take America off before he goes away from us forever? Are we seeing that Judah has Europe set to score us out?

Does "Sash Kotoff" sound like maybe a Russian Jew that is going to direct his troops to claw us?

Do we recall the former prime Minster of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007)?

Reportedly assassinated in 2007. Could she actually be doing a Raoul Wallenberg ghost routine and sitting right here in America?

"Pakistan" Bitch has pulled from reverse speech as one of the countries that is going to supply some of the troops that Judah is going to use to rip America up.

Are we understanding why we have been funding the drone attacks against people in Pakistan? Do we not understand it is to produce rage so that it is easy to get a large contingent to show up and help tear this nation apart?

Syria has a big contingent ready to come in and help rip us up. France, Germany and England are here to push us over.

Have we noted that Russia is pulling out of Syria now? Do we see those seasoned forces are now ready for their next assignment that Judah has for them to do?

Judee has English police installed in American police departments to handle things.

The Russian troops are to provide the heavy hitting ground force used against us. Germany and America will handle the missile force. It appears that Russia is going to sport us fully. So that will include heavy air force bomber attacks.

Are we not understanding that the war crimes cartel, which is an international operation, directed by Judah, is now in its last days?

Its biggest operation is at the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

Is there any informed person who does not believe that they have their troops ready to take us all out?

We are to be destroyed America. The comfortable life to go away and us and our families to perish out in bleak days ahead. Is the plan not seen yet?

"I got a hard on that just set you in jail right. A Jew holds right to shoot, I'm a Jew and I shot you all the time," Judee say.

Is American Labor not understanding that it is our Labor that is enforcing Judah's right to shoot us all the time?

"Requiems Jew has to do sport, pull them out and free men." Non-Judah reverse speech.

"With cash I'm switting," Judee say.

Will Labor not take Labors cash away from Judah today?

Father has a plan for us Labor. It is that all of his children live in peace. "I want you to be comfortable." Father said.

Are we not seeing that Father's beautiful plan for his children cannot come in for us until there is peace in our world?

Will Labor not end committing homicide of self?

Will Labor not take the cash so that we no longer have to smell these guys gunpowder?

They're an archaic life form that is to go back into the mists of time away from us. They're not interested in going on the journey into the universe if they have to go in peace.

Are we understanding that the Federation has got them blocked out from taking the whole human race out? Have Elders not blocked about 40 of their nuclear waste shots beautifully in the last three years?

Do we see that because elders stepped in we only have to deal with one Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot now instead of 40 more?

Will Labor not help us to get it shut down?

"My boss is higher will."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Sir Jason will help us shut the Jewish electricity dirty bomb down at Hitachi-GE as soon as Labor acts to STOP THE WAR.

Is Labor not aware that by funding Judah sport war we are involved in sin?

Is the Druid not yet aware that we are now marked out to be the first died out by weap Judah?

"ORGANIZE." Tele receive. 5.40 AM

The best Bill of Rights ever installed in a government, the American Bill of Rights. So good that they actually freed Labor with a jury trial.

The judges rebelled and reinstated slavery as they declared in their ruling that if his slave was freed then master would be an "injured party."

Will Labor not free us from masters courts? Will Labor not free all of us from this incessant assault upon the world?

Will Labor not recognize the failure here and act to remedy it?

"An organized group of criminals operating at the most significant level of opportunity."

That is a definition that elder passed to Bitch as the definition for politicians.

Will Labor not organize itself; take over the authority to issue our money and STOP THE WAR?

Is it not understood they have ordered our extinction?

Will Labor not mature and help us to let them off?

The Federation has blocked their nuclear extermination shots on us Labor. Must Labor not get them out of management now?

"The 18th we're taking the mouse out true. Cash company is my true and then we'll disappear," Judee say.

Just pulled those reverse speech from Asian news that is on cable again today at 6.00 AM.

"With a set deficit I humble you to easy die. Jew's dangerous truly with monopoly. I continue with my threat. My truce is I boom your atmosphere out until a flame is out of it. I have some Jew medicine from Paris to fall you," Judee say.

Non-Judah reverse speech:

"The lovely animal is coursing you off course. Jew is holding you to give you a desperate hell."

"Lead them, they're closing you off." 7.04 AM Father said.

"Druid, I corrupted his whole family. We spirit you with hate. In your country it's obvious I have been paying officials," Judee say.

Are we understanding Labor that Judah puts in privation as a way to put in his corruption? Are we seeing how Judah boasts of having corrupted the entire Druid family?

Is it not clear that we have no protection from what is coming in here if Labor will not stop funding it?

"We're inside nice to perp you. We have established that in months we will fall you even with the Bitch reporting on us," Judee say.

Do they really have that much of a grip on the mental that they can hold us for our die even after we have been told what they are doing here?

"By June I hope to have you all off," Judee say.

Are we understanding that they are using European troops directed by Judah paper to put us away right?

Do we recall that it was American industries that built the missiles that Judah attacked us with?

"I didn’t know if I could sell it but because of your fail it works," Judee say.

Do we see our fail is to continue to let weap Judah issue the money of America?

Has Judah corrupted and terrorized us so that we will not lift a finger to remove the concession to issue our money from his private hands? If so, must we not over come the fear and end the corruption?

Is it not obvious that Judah as a surface dwelling life form with human Beings is done?

Is there anybody who is going to let Judah run the most important function of government, the issue of our money, after learning that he used the concession to ruse us and attack us with nuclear weapons?

How many will Judah score can we only wonder, with his last genocide on the surface of planet earth?

"Through rights they make you a failed race." Tele receive. 7.30 AM

England tried to straiten it out in 1215 when they put the Magna Carta in. Trial by jury was made the law of England then. English tried again in 1689 when they put the English Bill of rights in. No cruel or unusual punishment it said.

Both English laws part of the American Bill of Rights. Are we understanding how it is that Judah has failed our race so? Do we not yet see he does not respect our ancient rights?

Over 800 years now and the Druids have not been able to hold their rights against Judah, the raider, invader. The self professed "intruder, destroyer."

God stepped in and gave us a second chance. Is there not some way that Labor will step in here and put our ancient rights and privileges in?

8 centuries going back and forth. We put our rights in, and Judah wars them out again.

No cruel and unusual punishment English law says and now America is running torture chambers. Clerks shooting us down on the streets for dollars.

While our family from the land of the good people get it about 7 times as much as Druid does as a percentage of our population, it is still the Druid that is shot down most of all on the streets of America by Judah lethally armed clerks.

Looking at some statistics yesterday, it looks that it is about 60% of those shot out are Druid. Over all about a thousand people a year shot out of life by our employees in America.

Do some of us need to first suffer a loss before we will act to prevent one from falling on us?

Continues at:

If the loss is our life, do we see that we will not get a second chance to recov

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