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"A Third of The Whole World is Dying Off"
Wed Nov 9, 2016 09:33

"A Third of The Whole World is Dying Off"

That is a Tele receive from this afternoon. "A third of the whole world us dying off."

That we have been informed for over 5 years of our impending loss of life form and we have done nothing to help ourselves, must we not change that and act together to help ourselves?

"You're not suitable lethal." A Tele receive also from last night.

How is it that Judah has been able to continue to fool people about who Bitch is?

Bitch is not lethal. And yet, Judah has falsed and libeled Bitch causing white people to reject the messages that he has been receiving from Mercury to "Save yourselves."

"You disparage my shill who's trying to convince you to save yourselves." God our Father in heaven said.

Smallest babies to die out first in our high radiation background. Set now for a couple of hundred million Americans to die out over the next few years now.

Warned for 2,000 years of the fire, smoke and brimstone that would be coming in the last days.

That Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear weapons, and is still attacking us with nuclear blast weapons, what might that reveal about how aware we are not?

"Because of your weakness you are dying here."

That is another Tele receive from over night. How weak are we that we have been warned thousands of times by God almighty to STOP THE WAR and we have failed to stop funding the sport war of Jewish?

Here's some more Tele receives:

"Police failed Jew offer. 3.58 PM

Take them out, they're race died. 3.59 PM

Take them out, they're wasters. 4.00 PM

Murder fell realistic.

Trouble? Scoring us out. 4.50 PM

You've been destroyed here. 4.58 PM

Historically we're failed. 5.03 PM

Too bad about you. 5.15 PM

Patrick, they're ricing us, they're ricing this field. 5.19 PM

Jew fouled us off. 5.24 PM

They're taking us off with a paint brush. 5.25 PM

Genocide is closing up our society.

Genocide is closing up our corrective.

Basalted. 9.03 PM

They know the way to pull economy apart crunch. 9.07 PM

Patrick has a wonderful message for you. 9.30 PM

Their right will take green sources out. 12.53 AM

Jew just raid weak kids. 12.57 AM

Everybody, he falsed you out. 12.58 AM

You're not suitable lethal. 12.59 AM

Because of weaknesses you're dying here. 1.04 AM

Because of principle you'll ever be caged. 1.05 AM

Boston colonists pushed us off the field. 1.06 AM

You're going out of life form.

Gorgeous lethal. 1.09 AM

You died wholesale and unfree. 1.11 AM

He insulted you lethal grease word. 1.21 AM

End it before it takes you heel. 1.25 AM

Complete falsity.

Elmo's firing. 1.35 AM

Our family you tossed out. 1.35 AM

The white genome is wiped out. 1.38 AM

You're a right less form. 1.39 AM

Genus right yourself. 1.49 AM

You lost your field. 1.57 AM

Perilous fights you. 1.58 AM

Jew favorite meal is fish. 1.59 AM

Tomorrow. 2.06 AM

You failed your life forces. 2.12 AM

For lies you are fist. 2.21 AM

Faschicles. 2.24 AM

Bourse will make you squashly. 2.26 AM

Therapy shot us insolent." 3.20 AM

Are we understanding the nuclear waste Judah is shootng us with will turn America's lush fields into a desert in the coming years?

18 million hard core Judah already in the safety of their mountain shelters to die us off using American money to pay their cable bill so they can direct our perishing. How is that for Chutzpah?

140 million Judah and his Replicons worldwide still on the surface with us, holding worldwide poverty in by holding American Labor to fund all the fisting in our world.

And what is Judah cabling next for Americans? Might it be war with Russia?

Will Labor not put the time in to think through how deeply we are maimed and wounded and are dying out as right less people?

Are we seeing here Labor this is not about Bitch and Judee it is about Judee shooting us out?

Did God not give us our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Yes Father did.

And who is it that took Americans rights away but Judah? And who funded Judah taking away our rights from us but ourselves?

Must Labor not help us here and take the concession to issue our money away from Judah?

Who are we going to give our hands to Labor? Judah for more war and sport genocide or God for peace and love?

"I insure an ostrell right. Professor dies us for fiercin right. I'm a boomatic. I expose you to radio to shoot your genome. I push you down with a Russian war. I was so arrogant with my Roosevelt state, now I can't force you.

Jew scored your wit timid. I'm leaving the Drewess boy in a rut, I fraud you for justice.

We damage you rightly, Judas is now out Jew puss. We threaten racial and punish abusive. Sheeny is stepping me back because of my micing. With Parliament I'm always Jew innocent. I mineral bad, I cost.

For perishing Jew always had a fire. I smooth you away with real core day. Fist allows us to humble you, I forced you out of life easily. Our con be sweet, you're going out of life form. You fell to our theory rightfully, right less. Sullivan has thrown out our complete force, our complete falsity," Judee say.

Has Judah therapy not shot us rude, arrogant?

Bitch has started eating bentonite clay again. He ate some old basalt hidden in food, such a small amount he was unsure if it had old basalt in it or not. After a few days, while sleeping he was awakened by the feel of a bite inside his gut. That is the feel of old basalt.

Elders had informed him how to get the old basalt bite out of his pancreas in 2000, the year he ate a meal contaminated with it.

Spit up asbestos glass caked with the bentonite clay, and some of it passed out the other end for a few years.

The one chunk still stuck in Bitch's esophagus that the kind extraterrestrial doctor pulled out that finally cured Bitch of his pancreatic cancer.

5 years Bitch has informed Labor of what they are putting on our shelves. And Judah is still arrogantly at it.

And Druid say to Bitch, "Too bad about you?"

As Judah is dying the majority of Druid off is that the best answer to Bitch informing everyone of the poisons that Judah has in our food and now in our environment, "Too bad about you?"

"You disparage my shill who is trying to convince you to save yourselves." God almighty said.

Which one is contaminated and which is not. Which is old basalt and which is not?

Are we understanding that the elephant warriors have to give approval to putting contaminated foods on our store shelves?

The heavy screening and searching of passengers to board our planes. While in the shops Judah has his mechanics wiring bombs in the engine compartments.

Are we understanding all of the elephant warriors have to agree to such things to allow them to happen?

Pretend they want to protect us getting on planes and so subject passengers to a range of rude things, while all the time in the shop putting the satchel charges in to drop the plane out of the sky. Chutzpah?

Might Labor understand that Bitch is a humble servant of God our Father in heaven above?

Bitch ordinary guy, simple working man. Anyone do what they want, it is of no account to him. The only thing he makes waves about, using his money to shoot others out.

So to silence Bitch Judah uses his dirty fist. Bitch never agrees to Judah fist at all. And somehow, Judah has convinced the ordinary fish that Bitch is not suitable because of his lethal. What lethal?

The fluoride in our Water, the boron in our pies. Lithium in our chocolate. Old basalt to take us out of life. Will the ordinary simple working people not over come and close out the deadly nuclear war fighting fist now?

A Judee reverse speech in yesterdays cost:

"Polish, Bitch found Jew do foul Iowa."

British police kidnap teams working the streets of Iowa, that then turn us over to Polish police who send us on for a view of Poland. Then on to Moscow to be finished out.

Will ordinary simple working people not choose to figure it out? Will we not take the concession to issue our money away from the errant life form and end all of the terror in our world?

They could have had it all, velocity could have made them millions of times richer than they are now. But that was not enough, they had to have us dead.

As they controlled the issue of money so they had more than any other group on earth, they blocked velocity because they knew it would keep all of us warm for free. They knew velocity would prevent them from putting millions and billions into poverty and so they blocked it with their fist.

Are we seeing Labor, that it never was a contest between Judah and us, for we gave them no resistance at all. JFK tried to find some good for us and they shot him dead. Silenced Drewess then.

Judah tells us he got his white fist by so brutally beating the mild man of the north. Is that not what the history is of Judah skulking in the north lands? In God's name Labor will you not let them off?

The white Belgians that so abused our family in the Congo when king Leopold sent them in. Might we see it was Judah holding the white fist to degrade and deface whiteness?

Might the heinous attacks against the Congolese have been done by Jewish created Replicons claiming to be Belgians?

The cutting off of the genitalia of the gentle people of the Congo to punish them. Does that not sound like Judah disease? Is that not his sport ways?

Now cutting the genome off of the Drewess people. Do we not recognize Judee sport when we see it these days?

As we fund dying our grand children, our children, and ourselves off, is there not some way that Labor will listen to the word of Labor leader William Sylvis from a century and a half ago and get hold of the concession to issue our money?

Will Labor not take Judah out of world management? Has God not tried to help us enough that we will not even try once to save ourselves from total loss of life form?

Bitch now approaching the end of seven decades of life. Biggest discovery of them all, that we do have a good God above.

Father's touch so light, that Bitchie discovered extraterrestrials in our phone lines and free energy before he learned of our good God above.

Discovered the free energy in 2004 after Dr. Mallove said, "we're only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity." Boom Boom, they stole the good Dr. away.

Might free energy devices in our stores in 2004 have ruined Judees plans to score us all with nuclear waste? Might Hitachi-GE have already been closed up before the Tsunami hit in 2011?

And so the free energy, it looks as if the top heads of the time, Kaluza-Klein, had it figured out theoretically in about 1926.

Are we understanding Labor that love less life forms have no place in our universe above?

Only 20% of our own galaxy explored. The immensity of our galaxy and universe that in 9 million years our Galactican elders have only explored 20% of it. 80% still to be explored.

Judah and his claims that there are not enough resources for large populations.

Once Judah totally poisons out God's village, might our resources not be enough to sustain us? Might Judah be trying to prove himself right that we do not have enough resources to sustain a large population by his poisoning us out?

"Embarrass wipe us." Tele receive. 5.16 AM

Is Judah not an expert in the area of defacing people? Is that not one of his specialties? Embarrassing us, is it not always sex that he uses to do it with?

Mr Peepers and his 4 eyes. Is it possible that sore eyes has caused the loss of a few billion people?

While our elders from outer space have technical levels that make Judah great balls of fire look small as a mite, they do not use force on anyone.

If we will not, cannot or choose some other reason, do not act to STOP THE WAR, then do we not perceive that we will receive our reward for funding and fighting Judah sport war and genocide?

And what might our reward be for letting Judah use us as his anatomically correct biological fist?

Do we not see that our reward will be to pass out of life form with the Judah fist that we have not detached our whiteness from?

The strategy that Judah developed his ethos from, found in the harsh resource constrained desert enviroment. "Individual biological opportunity."

Might we understand that strategy is why we see Jew X shooting Jew Y when Y gets outed, and will lead back to Jew X?

Has it not been said that there is no honor among thieves?

While Judah Replicons hold office of state throughout the world, might we understand that when they lose the American Labor purse they will lose their white fist in America, and with it will fall their management everywhere else?

"We duped you guys." Judee say.

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT to help us out of this eternal Jewish sport war?

Might we understand that Father did not err, we are still on the route to losing one third of the human race in the end times that we are in now?

Might we not marvel at how accurate are our elders computer simulations from 2,000 years ago of what Judah would do in his last days with us?

Those 40 plus nuclear dirty bombs disguised as Jewish electricity Trojan horse power plants.

By elders shutting them down before they could be put into melt downs, did elders not gauge Judah right?

The over 5 years of warnings from the highest level of our house, our good God almighty. Thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR. Gone unheeded. Must we not hear the words of our good God above?

Might we not be set for a MEGA DEATH here?

Are we understanding that we are facing our grandchildren sickening and dying first; Next our children; Then us older folks, from radioactive waste disease?

Our galaxy is all in peace excerpt for weap Judah here. Will we not put in our rights and end funding and fighting war?

Might Labor not try to think of Bitch as the telephone man that made the connection with the house of God above and handed Labor the phone to hear Father's message of love and peace?

Will there be any to say that the white man didn't try? For have our earlier family not tried repeatedly to put our human rights in? Yes they have.

Magna Carta 1215. Polish grand jury 1430. English Bill of Rights 1689. American Bill of rights 1791.

All of this gifted to us. Judah threw it all out. Will we not act to put our God given rights in once again?

All of the public officials getting their checks cleared by our American Labor payroll. Is there not some way to bring Labor in to help us straiten it out?

God our Father has His angels standing by to help us. If we choose to not make peace, might the rapture not come in then?

The Hofer brothers, Michael, Joseph and David, South Dakota Christian peace activists in the first Jewish world war, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment at hard labor in Alcatraz for refusing to fight Jewish sport war.

Judah sending Michael home in a coffin wearing a uniform of the US army. The uniform he refused to wear while alive. Michael's brother Joseph died only a few days later from the torture he was put to in Alcatraz prison.

Killed for Refusing to Kill: Remembering Joseph and Michael Hofer

Conscientious objectors at camp Lewis, Washington November 1918
by Garret Ean | Nov 29, 2012

Will American Labor not STOP THE WR right now? Don't we deserve a second chance to make it right?

The Hofer brothers inoculated by Christian pacifism, Judah unable to make them lose their souls or their faces. Will American Labor not end Judah using our purse to deface us with his sport of war?

Is it not clear that along with losing our faces to Jewish sport war we are now losing our physical lives?

Continues at:

If only the Vatican had taught us true Christian love of our fellow man, might not more of us be Christian pacifists?

Our geno

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