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"They Fouled Contact. Paralyzed Our Sight" Those are a coup
Sun Feb 5, 2017 12:41

"They Fouled Contact. Paralyzed Our Sight"

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

"They fouled contact. Paralyzed our sight."

Extraterrestrials from our home world that have come in to help us and so far, we collectively have refused help as we are in the final stages of being died off by weap Judah.

Elders discouraged Bitch from putting up any more pages of the book "Plutopia" as it could give Judee a copyright approach to bother Bitch. So, of course, Bitch takes all the advice elders give him. Now he will only put up the research footnotes that are public.

For those who have looked at the issue of nuclear waste, might we consider that we are being perished in a way that may not be understood by some until the wake?

By the fact of our home extraterrestrial world stepping in to give us a hand, might we not figure how truly dastardly Judah really is to his fellow man?

The Lord looks down from heaven on humankind to see if there are any who are wise, who seek after God. Psalm 14:2

Will we not pray that ordinary everyday working people will become wise to the way in which we are being perished?

For those who can see the end of our lineage will we not pray to God to help us?

Kind, gentle, mild people our family in Russia. Those living near the atomic bomb plutonium refinery dying out on the third generation to be subjected to nuclear waste in the environment.

Humans have 12 million years as hominids roaming the earth free. 200,000 years as hybrid creations with our high-level intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics gifted to us by our creators.

Entire family lineages dying out due to radioactive waste. Has Judah ever come up with a more perfected genocide than nuclear technology that he is using to die Americans out with at this time?

Will we not try to be wise and seek our good God above to save us from this dreadful fate of passing out of life form as hostages in Judah crime state?

1 For the choir director. A Psalm of David. The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good. 2 The LORD has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men To see if there are any who understand, Who seek after God. 3 They have all turned aside, together they have become corrupt; There is no one who does good, not even one.…

4 Do all the workers of wickedness not know, Who eat up my people as they eat bread, And do not call upon the Lord? 5 There they are in great dread, For God is with the righteous generation. 6 You would put to shame the counsel of the afflicted, But the LORD is his refuge.…

Psalm 15:5 who lends money to the poor without interest; who does not accept a bribe against the innocent. Whoever does these things will never be shaken.

It took many years for stupid Bitch to think through the key elements of war and peace.

He clearly remembers the day after taking a nice walk through the neighborhood how it entered his mind the path to take through life. He was 26 years of age.

Rather than participate in harming his fellow man in a war he decided that he would die himself off and be no more.

Washington-Wall Street, London, Berlin. He would have no part of their dirty deeds against man.

"Who does not accept a bribe against the innocent. Whoever does these things will never be shaken."

Bitch cannot be bribed to act against the innocent.

Might we understand why Father said of Bitch, "He remained true to me?"

While Judah would have easily succeeded in fisting Bitch do we see how the love of God has kept Bitch in?

Bitch didn't even believe there was a God until Father spoke to him when Bitch was 61 years of age.

6 You would put to shame the counsel of the afflicted, But the LORD is his refuge.…

The only thing that Bitch feels shame about is when his family look at him and see his white face and feel it is because of him they suffer.

Tele receives:

"Your mother convince fine. 12.40 PM

You're on a step. 12.51 PM

Bless you. 1.50 PM

For notions, you fell. 2.45 PM

A stitch in time saves nine.

CD s rule. 3.04 PM

They fouled contact. 3.06 PM

Paralyzed our sight. 3.10 PM

Discourage ocumental. 4.57 PM

Even though you shoot averages well you remain on the bored side.

Jew wants to take off all the states.

We're failed sin. 5.27 PM

Tranced war. 5.37 PM

Oh my god Patrick, they arsed you truly savaged. 6.51 PM

They died us delightfully. 10.35 PM

Thief archery falsed us.

Patrick saved us and we let ourselves be destroyed. 10.38 PM

Patrick cares enough about us to help us. 11.23 PM

Idiot is finishing our lineage. 11.30 PM

Foolish die. 11.36 PM

Our field is great falsing us. 11.40 PM

You are under attack.

Blind you. 12.05 AM

Open your eyes. 12.17 AM

This fabulous fail accuse.

You inherit foul for dross. 12.28 AM

Bust you heroin and fly you out. 12.30 AM

Your right forces are dead.

Friday. 1.07 AM

Oh my god palace brings the hate.

It's finished, rusive hates.

It's theft fails. 1.10 AM

ORGANIZE this field. 1.11 AM

Their racial right goal bumped us here. 1.12 AAM

They set you right fall, you merched it. 1.14 AM

If Father leaves us we're done. 1.16 AM

Thieves scalped. 1.19 AM

You're a lost breed. 1.20 AM

They pushed us all off. 1.21 AM

WE urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.28 AM

Delightful they failed us. 1.29 AM

They sport us mindfully. 1.30 AM


The man has been wiped out through London. 1.36 AM

They merch bankruptcies here.

ORGANIZE this power loss, you're well proceeded. 1.43 AM

We're dying hedge, clear them out. 1.57 AM

It's maxed brutal. 1.57 AM

The economy is sold. 2.02 AM

Tossed you well on an optical die. 2.03 AM

Dull they package income. 2.10 AM

You've been put into a death zone.

Rocket man's fell expired. 2.11 AM

He scored you residential. 2.12 AM

Stuper boy reports they're raping this field. 2.16 AM

All you got to do is keep your health and you win. 2.19 AM

Idiots finished us off. 2.30 AM

Burch failed complete. 2.36 AM

Great fortunes jailsy. 2.37 AM

True faulty. 2.44 AM

They have a wish. 2.50 AM

They're off of here." 2.57 AM

"All you got to do is keep your health and you win." 2.19 AM

With nuclear waste pouring into our fields and air might keeping our health not be a difficult thing to do now?

As Judah has all the free money he wants to bomb who ever he wants are we not aware he is opping big right here in America?

Did we see the Judee guy that got caught in Chicago with a bomb in his room?

Man charged after explosive device found at Chicago Airbnb
POSTED 1:40 PM, FEBRUARY 4, 2017
Michael Debrown
Michael Debrown faces one felony count of Unlawful Use of Weapon – Bomb/Grenade/Molotov Cocktail.

The device was discovered inside a residence in the 3500 block of West Flournoy Ave. at about 1:15 a.m. Friday.

Lee Zoldan, president of the Chicago Loop Synagogue, told NBC News Chicago that construction workers across the street witnessed the incident.


Posting his swastikas

Busting window

Fleeing the scene

Might we consider that was Judah breaking a window to gain sympathy? Has it not been Judee that has been repeatedly getting caught painting swastikas on their own buildings?

Here's some reverse speech from a video of the story:

"We force a bureau eye. This is Mormon principles from Bridgewater. We resent you with force, that's how we fall you. We got to go and die. We use this to demand uniforms. Waco we're ever rising here. All my might is uniforms.

"We just swish a white wall. We wipe them all off. I make some sport damage into oss raider. Bourse accepts we have first truth. Pat, I be out to court you. You're in for some forward problem here. 75 foos.

I sport you fast with racials like this. As long as I'm bootable I'm established here. I can bourse out my attitude on you. My bourse gives me my first snitch on you.

This is to give us gang authority semper. For the scientist, I got switchback heart attack. Horse feed fertilze you, you shoved New Hampshire. My baby sport with a check is about finished.

As long as I can hold you embarrassed I can proceed to step on you. I'm basically out for my morgue. My switch arrival with my bourse before February is through.

This is a false-em-all out here. My potato's on to my Geneva, I want to leave him. This is virtual philosophy of Jew to monch you. This was set to save us 3 eye AM. This is how I war my fourthly principles, task force is Jewish, this is to opp raid camel you.

Jew truly chemist fail-able. This is to false up the sky and throw a 1 AM lunch-berg toss. Mouses buy hassles. We want you to think quite wolfy.

"This is the fairest moping. Our bridge right has been canceled so we can't go on. I set you marks be done. This is our state uniforms, we can use Mormons to blow them out even though we're dead. Because of great mouse we're about done. With fraud we always pitch you right off.

With bourse, we dump your face on the double. For a right performance, we gave the guy 5. We pulled this opp from West Virginia to race you right here. O, Shay. Foody. I have rumors to go with this to sell a lot.

"This is for a hunchback tripoli wrench. The baby sold good lems. Possible British applicant. We're out the dream. My state I can't save, we could be breezed tomorrow.

Those reverse speech may not exactly match the individual pictures. But all those came from the video. Are we getting some idea of how Judah is a specialist at forcing his way?

Maybe some guy that has an SUV just like that now set to have some bad days ahead? Are we seeing how this cipher group operates here Labor?

"I can bourse out my attitude on you. My bourse gives me my first snitch on you."

Might we see how important rights are when dealing with a circumstance such as weap Judah presents us with having unlimited free bourse to buy a snitch with a made up story and select the facts for sending uniforms to go after someone?

Will Labor not put our rights in to protect us from these love less ciphers that do such things as they do?
Police Are After a Man Who Threw a Bomb Into a Crowded L.A. Cheesecake Factory
By Clint Rainey
Police in Los Angeles say a man chucked a “homemade pyrotechnic device” into a busy Cheesecake Factory last night, sending everyone inside into a panic. Per a statement by Pasadena police, he tossed the device through the front door around 6 p.m., then fled from the scene. The explosive detonated in the lobby (either partially or fully, it’s unclear), emitting a heavy smoke that startled guests and workers in the restaurant. But luckily, the department adds, “No customers or employees were injured during the incident,” and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad was able to safely remove the device.

Are we detecting Judee's mode of operation? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their sporting of us?

"Get them off. 5.44 AM

Full steam dyin' here. 6.11 PM

We're being put into radiation sickness." 6.56 AM

We encourage you to end this fail of yourselves." 6.59 AM

Will Labor not take the good advice of the angels that Father sent in to help us and end this fail of ourselves?

8.00 AM
To be continued..........

Just returned from a little shopping and here are some Tele receives from that and after returning home:

"Everybody's useless failures. 8.02 AM

You've failed us here. 8.49 AM

Coretact. 8.56 AM

I'm hatious. 9.00 (Weap Judee)

You failed, you lost irritage. 9.05 AM

Sorry. 9.18 AM

Your victim astonishes me. 9.24 AM

You failed to save your own stupish. 9.28 AM

With a fine nukage, they abuse your life. 9.32 AM

Fists are toppled great. 9.37 AM

Molesting has failed. 9.38 AM

A threat to crunch suits them. 9.42 AM

Our property is locks. (Judee obviously)

Void, easy to score wrench. It's breezy. It'll damage the vitamin of your son. (Elder said as Bitch was making a pot of coffee at 10.02 AM.

You're an awesome fail. 10.06 AM

You die pollution.

The rabbits see they set you for a horse death. 10.08 AM

They Fergus you. 10.10 AM

You die pollutious.

Your STRIKE force is out to save us. 10.13 AM

Rogers saulty. 10.15 AM

We're being put into radiation sickness.

We fisted you crystal; it's always been the joy of sin." (Judee of course)

Though Labor has not of yet acted will we not pray to God Almighty for Labor to challenge the weap crowd for the concession to issue our money?

"You lost your irritage." The one Tele sender said.

Might Father know all of the Bitch faults better than Bitch himself does? Certainly. Mercury plays back things to Bitch from his life. Numerous troubling things have passed his way that he should have avoided.

With that said, Bitch traces all the difficulties in our world to violence. The mind degradation, the ethical, moral and spiritual fall that the state in Judah control puts upon the people by his only making war.

"We like sporting you, keep yourself failed. Why do we lie? To pitch your mental," Judee say.

If weap Judah were not taking Bitch's money to shoot his sport war, might we consider that Bitch would not have legal standing to demand an end to funding the war?

When Judah was shooting people in Ireland in the 70s and 80s, using his English fist, Bitch opposed it of course, but it was Bank of England, English Labor money that was paying for it not American dollars. Bitch had no legal standing to act. He was not funding the war.

At that same time, Judah was using Bitch purse to shoot our family in South and Central America.

As it was Bitch's money that Judah was using to shoot our South American family, Bitch focused on getting his money out of shooting our family there.

The supremes ruled during the Vietnam war that we have no right to select what we want our taxes to go to.

Bitch wanted to test that same principle in 1991 with the taking of his dues for a private corporation that was supporting the war, that he was a dues paying member of. That was when Judee secretly found Bitch guilt of "disturbing the war" and put Maxwell to crime him.

Are we seeing that as our money is being used we have a say so in how it is to be used? We have standing here Labor. Do we recognize to have our full legal standing Labor must STRIKE THEM OUT and end their financial standing, their ability to make sport war?

Our God given rights Labor. When you STRIKE THEM OUT do we see that you and your children will have our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness recognized as our law?

Though Bitch did not believe in Christianity due to the numerous Christian preachers that supported those in office that made war, he now has a different take on Christianity than he did before.

Christianity, do we not see is from Jesus who was sent by Father Christopher, who was our good God at the time He sent Jesus to save us?

Continues at:

Might we only gaze in amazement at the Galactic Federation of Light and

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