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Message From The Council of the Galactic Federation Of Light
Mon Mar 13, 2017 03:25

Message From The Council of the Galactic Federation Of Light

10.32 AM
"Listen to what I am going to say. They're scorching now. What they are doing now is too hideous.

They're surplus shoo flies that are coming out complete. Testimony harms a body true when it is wicked falsing.

They shot a goose and shot a ruse on me, the truth is criminals have set your field quite bad.

They announce you fail-is, they're just squawking offend. You have closed their vehicles, their assault is through. Their primary destiny has now failed.

Gracefully I will hold you. You must get them over, you must get them off.

Right now they are deadening your field. Their weapatory brutal is upon your state. Toast wits are what they are leaving you kids, you've physically been scored here.

It is holding your life in Wall street death. The Martian took their offend off completely. You must super sight.

We're talking redemption now, you must close their sale. Your life will come to a brutal end if you allow them this offend. Your life is a gorgeous failure.

If you do not act you will die soon.

Their weapatory is screwing you out. Pat Sullivan is telling you the truth now. It's a brutal truth, it's a die force is in on you now.

A die force digital fierce has pierced thee. You'll die soon criminal completely if you do not stop the war.


This is the last you will hear from this counsel. STRIKE THEM OUT and save your situation. Brutally you're dying out obviously.

Your life forces have left your deal, stop all your criticizing and save your life. Their sale has cost you nicely.

Their gymnastics have tossed you out, toss them out. Right this right field or you will be cauterized out. Fabulously you have failed to save your life forces.

You're dying out yourself now. Parliament is used to this principle. You must be tossing police now, they've sold you out sale.

Your government has been sold for New Hampshire love, the bourse force is giving you your last race weap here. Make weapons neutral. Peace will arrest their aggression against you. God bless you all.

Put in Morgans safe correctly. There is no peaceful parasite rule. A right life is what you must believe.

End their whole race card.

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