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Reliable Drugstore - Expect To Be Implicated Very Soon.
Fri Sep 29, 2017 14:25

Reliable Drugstore - Expect To Be Implicated Very Soon.

September 29, 2017 To Reliable Drugstore - -
Expect a law suit and that as well as a soon to be adjudicated decision by a US Federal District Judge being also backed by the DEA and the Justice Department regardless of whether you are in Canada, to thus to have you soon hear a knocking at your door. I am now talking with US Judicial Representatives and members of the US Senate and Congress to have you arrested and found indicted of International Drug Trafficking to Minors and for damages for posting on an open forum news board trying to sell illicit drugs at the - Message News Board. Expect to be arrested very soon. You were warned to not post on this open source news board at You will be arrested very soon. I will be testifying on the behalf of the readers and the writers of this open forum news board. I will also be talking with members of the Department of Defense Adjutant General to have you also found guilty to commit acts of intent to cause criminal matters of Conspiracy and Treason, Fraud, Tax Fraud and Intent to Commit Organized Criminal Implication. You will be found guilty. (Maj Gen - Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient) (Dr.) Will P Wilson - - 6573 E Highway 252 Greenwood, 72936 AR +1 (405)-283-6382

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    • Reliable Drugstore - Expect To Be Implicated Very Soon. — willpwilson 908, Fri Sep 29 14:25
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