"They Run You Organized. It's War! If You Leave These Munici
Mon Oct 15, 2018 05:55

"They Run You Organized. It's War! If You Leave These Municipals In You'll Be Jew Fisted Symbols."

Those are some overnight Tele receives. As to organized, if you get a check for $200 dollars to show up for a 90-minute meeting might most people show up that are invited to hear the coming plan for a demonstration? $200 merely to show up and listen for 90 minutes, might most all those invited not show up to hear what weap Judah has planned to make even more money? Sure, most people would.

Then $600 dollars to show up for a march about whatever it is that Judah wants to put on his news channels. Might a few hours of marching around for $600 not get a lot of weap Judah kids to show up for it? Yes, it does.

But who is paying the $200 dollars and $600 dollars to show up for the march?

Might we understand the checks are being cashed by American workers?

The authority to issue checks that clear and add to our bank accounts. Are we seeing that is where it is at? Are we understanding that is a privately held concession that only Jews have?

"They run you organized."

With the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue money, in their private hands, do we see how they run us organized?

The large cost to plant a hydrogen bomb in Fresno California that they tried to set off the other day. Is there some understanding all the bribes paid to let that bomb be installed were paid for by American workers?

"What hydrogen bomb in Fresno are you talking about?"

The one our extraterrestrial elders marked by putting a light high up in the sky hovering over Fresno California the other day.

UFO sighting above Fresno. This was just submitted to us by our reader.
Video 1.08 at:

The light seen in the video over Fresno. Are we not figuring out that our extraterrestrial elders are trying to spare us destruction from the Jews and their great balls of fire?

While Judah missed his big shot with his alliance partners when he attacked us with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast, heat and radiation force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, due only to Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians pulling every single nuclear missile out of the sky in the launch phase, with his ability to write checks against American Labors account, are we seeing in the Fresno opp Judah is still trying to set his hydrogen bombs off in our cities?

The many years of regular visitation over Myrtle Beach South Carolina by extraterrestrial spacecraft. What might our elders be MARKING at Myrtle beach for us to check out?

UFOs Spotted Hovering Over Myrtle Beach
October 9, 2018 LUFOS Latest posts, N. America, UFO videos



A video in a time-lapse mode taken from a pier in South Carolina appears to show strange lights above Myrtle Beach.
Video 0.37 at:

Might there be a nest of industrial strength investment grade nuclear war-fighting hobbyists infesting the Myrtle Beach area?

Such a nice comfortable resort area. Might those that have our cruelly manipulated poor American young assaulting out our world in sports war not want a comfortable nice area to plan and direct their destruction from? Sure, the nuclear war fighting crowd, might they not always go, first class, as it is American labor that is paying for their accommodations wherever they go? Certainly.

Are we making the connection with extraterrestrial spaceships that are showing up at locations and something at that location we should look into if we want to save ourselves from being destroyed by the nuclear war fighting Jews and their alliance partners?

Jews who tell us in reverse facial speech that they inherit us from their genocidal war-making parents and use us as props to serve their existence. Sporting us out of life using war and prison camps to make their tourist way through life.

By our precious sweet Father in heaven having His diligent angels pull all of Judah nuclear missiles out of the sky, is there not some sense that Judah has finally ended their inheriting us any longer now?

Might we see the relationship with the Jews is over and done with for their serious attempts to extinct our race in a nuclear blast and now waste war?

That our resources are now massively poisoned out and Judah atomic war scientists are telling him that he has in fact sterilized about half of the Druid children in America with high levels of background radiation from Hitachi-GE, might those facts not cause American workers to take the authority to issue our money away from the international genocidal Jews?

That we now are about a month away from losing our lives to inhaling brimstone waste over the next few years. Does that singular fact not lead us to believe that American Labor will take over the desk of issuing our money?

It seems it should but we have stood down for 7 years now after being informed by Mercury of what Judah attempted to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. So what is going to change in the next few weeks to convince American labor to STOP THE WAR?

The extraterrestrials own computer simulations tell us that the majority of Americans are going to be destroyed by brimstone waste. So what could make any difference now?

Elders redid the computer simulations in 1840 that was done at the time that Jesus walked among us and their simulations again indicated that a third of the human race would be destroyed by nuclear brimstone waste when Beast Judah went away from us.

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

Might workers keep that mind when you hear some false and lies that Judah says about Papa's nice boy Bitch?

Mom Accidentally Punches Son Who Tried to Scare Her With Chewbacca Mask



"We scrummage you with my head Jew. I drain your wit. We always set you quite De-witty." The mother says in reverse facial speech.

"We pop with this, my mom's perp is unbelievable. Hauling ya. This is some thieven right activity, it's fearest. I get to set you aeroplane with this. "The young boy says in reverse facial speech.
Video 1.00 at:

Bitch just posted those reverse facial speech at YouTube and he had to log into Google and then his post didn't appear? Might Google have Bitch comments turned off and unable to post? Will check it later to see if it shows up after a time, though in the past, comments always showed up right after posting. Might Judah google now want to check Bitch posts first to see if they will let Bitch post them or not?

NOTE: It is 1.11 p.m. and just checked after posting many hours ago and Bitch comment is not up at You Tube.

Zero Hedge is one of the sites that won't let Bitch post comments. Several other sites will not let Bitch post comments either. ENE news, that was the one site exclusively reporting about the Hitachi-GE extinction level event and they barred Bitch posts when he called for a general STRIKE to get that Jewish electricity dirty bomb shut down.

So why was ENE news reporting about the Hitachi-GE event in the first place if a commenter was offering a solution to end the catastrophe?

Might their articles about the catastrophe have been to lure commenters so that Judah intelligence operatives could read the posts and find out who had the wits to perceive what is going on there so they could then could use their municipals to fish the people out that have the wits?

There were several comments posted at You Tube about that false staged Jewish Fornian shell mother punching her son that indicated they knew that was a staged set up video.

What the commenters did not know is why was such a staged video posted as real. Here's some comments from that post:?

Diamond's vlogs
2 hours ago
It's really not

Eve Maxwell
7 hours ago
Yea it just doesn't seem real to me

Tea Higuera
7 hours ago
Fake af

Camila Camila
3 hours ago
It looks planned

tuity fruity
9 hours ago
....Anybody else thinks it kinda looks staged

richard wright
8 hours ago
Yeah they were clearly recording for a reason
Bingo, does Richard Wright not put his finger right on it, they were clearly recording for a reason?

But what is the reason they were recording for?

Do we find from the reverse facial speech of that staged false loony tunes type of video that these sorts of operations are designed to De-wit us?

Are we understanding what we are seeing in that video is a couple of Jews in African shells fooling our heads to de-wit us? That Bitch is onto the Jews and their sport of the human race, might that be why Google is not letting Bitch post his comments anymore?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT before they shut down all posts that can help us understand how we are being destroyed by this most dangerous life form, Jews on nuclear weapons and unlimited free American Labor cash?

lliill ppeepp
5 hours ago
richard wright umm yeah💀 they were recording because the kid was gonna prank his mom, itís not like it was staged just because they were recording🤦‍♀️

Might we see in that comment how organized the Jews are in that they have their follow-ups posting to support their false video?

richard wright
8 hours ago
Yeah they were clearly recording for a reason

Might the vast destruction of Americans that is moving forward with little opposition somehow be related to how completely the Jews have fooled us with their control of the media at all levels? Can we only wonder how many others like Bitch that post are locked out because we tell it so true?

Might Richard Wright's comments now be blocked by Google because they are too enlightening and informative?

The large number of Judah shells that are ghosting out because their sport is now being perceived by growing numbers of Americans every day. The limousine in New York that crashed and purportedly killed 20 people the other day in upstate New York. Might we note the plane crash that killed Beverly Eckert and 49 others in 2009, was also in upstate New York?

Colgan Air Flight 3407 burning after it crashed February 12, 2009 with Beverly Eckert and 49 others dead.

And what is the significance of that? Might we understand to crash a plane or stage a mass ghosting in an area it must first be approved by the local political force in that area?

If they approved crashing a commuter plane killing 50 people to end the investigation into the world trade center take-down, might we surmise they are well positioned to fool the people by staging a crash that purportedly killed 20 in a limousine wreck?

But what about the crowd that was at the church for a memorial service for the purportedly dead limousine victims? Might we understand those were Fornian look alike hybrid transplant Jews that were summoned and paid cash to show up for that staged photo op that was put on network news?

The "Anger room" as it is called and it has locations in numerous cites around America. Purportedly the woman who started Anger room was strangled by her boyfriend and now is dead.

Woman Who Brought ĎAnger Roomí Business To Chicago Allegedly Killed By Ex
By Audrina BigosOctober 12, 2018 at 9:44


"She wiped for IBM so we had to close her out. With our weird, we always possess you right. If we can separate you with Moscow Jew will win."

Bitch has watched several videos about Donna Alexander and in one video he found these words:

"She wiped for IBM so we had to close her out."

Instead of ghosting away to a new identity does it look like Judah did her in his cost-effectiveness ways?

Might we understand the Anger room was merely one of the many organizations the Jew puts in to fool around with us and our kids?

While they appear to be people of many different nationalities might we recognize the people we see on television are almost all weap Jews in hybrid transplant Fornian look alike shells?

Here's some of what Donna said in reverse facial speech when she was alive in a news interview:

"I play a function, fearity. It lets us app displace. We boom right away to embellish ya. Our error doom our day."

Here is some reverse facial speech of one of her associates in the Anger room escapade:

Picture removed
"I ever goose you. Lots of fish we popped see me. Play dough fix us kids. Fooly I scummaged you."

And here is some more reverse facial speech of another associate of Anger room founder Donna Alexander:

Picture removed
"Core scummage rights boost our field. I'm a pearl-a-vetto thief. I run my mirror house goose way; Whore-man."

Has Judah not told us his viceroys are who he uses to destroy a nation? Are we understanding the sexual nature of Jewish murders? Have we not seen how he uses children in sexual ways with video to get simple unaware guys into his cages so he can die us for insurance collections?

Might Anger room have been rolling hookers and Johns?

Whoever they were rolling might we understand they have to have the police with them to get it done? If we understand that might we understand why Judah has been stabbing and shooting his lawyers', judges, municipals, doctors, teachers and an assortment of supporting opps in the field?

Are we guessing when it reaches the conscious mind of the average American that Judah sets people up to get them in his lockups jails and prisons to murder them for insurance packages is it not likely the average people will take his tyranny cages away from him and her? Certainly.

And this smiling school teacher that went missing in Kankakee.

Such an excited and thrilled smile as that. Does it not appear that he is laughing at us and not with us? Does that smile not have the appearance that he just can't get over how incredibly he has fooled us?

Will Labor not give us our grand juries to get the murderous Jews away from our most precious children?

Fornian look alike hybrid transplant teachers and school administrators that seek out our most useful kids to put them out of it one way or the other. Will Labor not try to protect our children from the murderous genocidal useless Jews?

A Chicago US Postal employee went missing and has not yet been found. Kierra Coles who was pregnant at the time she disappeared.

Kierra Coles, 26, was last seen near 81st and Vernon in the Chatham neighborhood. Her car was found parked on the block with her cell phone and purse still inside. She is three-months pregnant with her first child.

Here is some reverse facial speech found in several videos concerning what may have happened there:


"This was true insure for a right way. It's a full right comping excess opp. This was racial stupid war that took her off. This story had a storage side to it. B---- core street was the sell here, she's dead. We rush you any day we get you inside, its a racket with me. Jew gets a pass because he knows how to cow moo you. Herro-set was well fall day set here. Fantastic we put the evidence in the morgue to sooth."

In this case, might we be seeing another one of the people who did a storage opp with Judah and this is how he chose to close out the evidence for what he did?

"It's a full right comping excess opp."

Can we only wonder what that reverse facial speech indicates?

Continued at:

Might it indicate that along with insurance Morgan had a reward to silence her too? Might we surmise Morgan wants to protect their investments in cage opps?

"Jew gets a pass because he know

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