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What Has Science Done?!
Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:02pm (XFF:

Vier was hard at work inside her small room at Freelance Reploids. Sunlight trickled into her sanctuary by a crack in the curtains; otherwise solely the harsh light of a single fluorescent bulb illuminated the room. She lay underneath a massive bit of machinery; something she had cobbled together from whatever parts she had been able to find or afford. Spare parts and oil covered the concrete floor; only the bed seemed to be in good shape, its covers still neatly tucked underneath the mattress. She had locked herself away in her room the last few… what had it been, weeks? A month? Time always seemed to illusively slip away when she started on a project. And this latest one was a doozy.

“I can’t belief I lost that recall device.” She grumbled out loud in her light German accent as she tightened one of the bolts with her wrench. It had been two months since she misplaced the “recaller” for her Heavy Armor and Pierce Canons. Without it, her babies were stranded in storage; one of the billions of pockets of subspace that existed in this dimension! “Ah, der we go.” She stated as bolt finally wouldn’t tighten any further. Vier pushed herself from underneath the strange, asymmetrical device. It wasn’t pretty, but it didn’t have to be. Trying to pinpoint a particular subspace pocket was like trying to find a fish in the ocean. While using one for storage was a handy way to have access to your weapons or armor anywhere in the world, losing the “key” meant having to search billions of different pockets one by one to find where your luggage was being kept. She had spent the last two months designing and building a device that would, hopefully, solve that problem.

“Alright, here goes nothing…” the German reploid muttered, holding her breath in anticipation as she turned the device on. The odd-looking machine gave a brief warm-up tone as its monitor sprang to life. Vier squealed in success… until she saw the monitor flicker off, and the machine begin to rumble back and forth. Black smoke spewed violently out various cracks. Vier looked around her room nervously. “Oh sheisse.” She swore, realizing she probably should have built some cover to duck behind first.

Thankfully, the device merely gave out a pained whine before finally shutting down. Vier breathed a sigh of relief, and then opened up the main access panel. A plume of black, oily smoke rolled out, causing the young engineer to cough a bit before she could wave the smoke away. “Ach, you have GOT to be kidding me.” She grumbled as she saw the problem. The transwarp core, one of the key devices needed to get a signal to puncture the subspace barrier, was a blackened mess. It was not a cheap component in any right.

Vier flopped to the ground, resting her head on her hands, defeated. How was she going to afford a piece like that? People didn’t just throw away transwarp cores; she had been extraordinarily lucky to find the one she had used in this makeshift machine. She eyed the other recall device on her dresser before shaking her head. There was a small transwarp core in the center of her remote for The Armory, but she couldn’t bring herself to cannibalize it. The Armory was all she had left; if the device she was building burnt out THAT core as well, she’d have lost both of her prized possessions for nothing.

Vier brought a sleeve to her face to wipe off some of the grime that covered her, then sharply brought her arm back down. “Woah girl, you haff GOT to take a shower.” She muttered as she plugged her nose. Grabbing a pair of clean clothes and a towel, she opened up the room to her door and started out into the hallway. I should probably check and see if there are any missions free, too. The whole place probably forgot I exist- “OOF!”

Her inner monologue was cut short as she absentmindedly crashed into the equally small figure of Hilton, whose mind had also been too preoccupied to avoid bumping into his fellow mercenary. “I’ll win the tournament!” was all Vier heard him say as the two went crashing to the ground.

“Owww…” Vier complained, rubbing her backside. Her clean clothes and towel lay strewn across the dirty Freelancer Reploid’s hallway. “Aw, I zink those were my last clean pair too…” she complained as she grabbed some of her strewn items.

Suddenly the massive hands of Gesualdo lifted Vier and Hilton off the ground and back on their feet. Hilton, clearly having other things on his mind, straightened his shirt and hopped away. “I’ll win the tournament!” he clearly stated again, making his way to the Freelance Reploid’s Common Room.

“Tournament? What the heck is he talking about, Gesualdo?” Vier asked the large giant. As a look of annoyance crossed his face, Vier realized her error and apologized. “Ah, right, mute. Sorry!”

The two followed after the aging mercenary. Vier’s shower could wait; it sounded like something exciting was about to happen!


Translator Note:
Sheisse – German for “Shit.”

  • Run Away!Zeo Grey, Wed Apr 22 5:33pm
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    • What Has Science Done?! — Vier, Wed Apr 22 8:02pm
      • Washing machines of doom, that's what!Liska, Thu Apr 23 11:55am
        Liska shook her head at Shade, "Yeah, why not. Nothing else to do." She bent down to pick up the towel she was using to take a nap on. Cocker poked his head up one last time to get any other shots he ... more
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