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Walls are for flying through!
Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:55am

Kail's blastsaber sprang to scarlet life with a snap hiss and the faint smell of the rapidly burnt air the plasma quickly displaced. Maq, in Kail's body, was about to succumb to the berserker rage that was unfortuantely so common amongst the Stomping Grounds. Only the closest mercs snapped from their hormone induced revelry to turn to face the blade and its wielder as it slowly climbed an arc into a killing stance, casting its sanguine light on those about to be killed.

Maq was about to take some heads.

Her orgy of violence would not stop the orgy of sexual perversion in front of her, however, as it would be interupted by the screaming roar of one of the most powerful engines on the continent. A Land Chaser roared through the wall just next to the door way, showering splinters and drywall across the occupants inside. The backwash of the engine just barely missed Kail's armored form and the prow of the Mars smashed and pulped a couple of mercenaries. The explosion and commotion sent several reploids screaming for cover, the two reploids that had been the main attraction scrambled to try to untangle themselves from one another and the screeching of the Land Chaser itself as it hovered three meters off the ground was only intelligible to a select few.

"Demios?" Maq's brain, temporarily snapped from her rage, processed the binary well enough thanks to Kail's arcane design.

-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?- Screeched the Demios in the Mars, then a moment later, its prow turned and aimed for the Demios body inhabitted and standing dumb founded on the other end of the room, a naked Maq and Liska quickly moving towards Axel and Demios's bodies for protection. -My body! Give it back!-

"Wait!" Maq yelled as the engines flared, scorching half the bar with the ionized backwash.

"Demios and Axel aren't gonna be happy their little show was interupted." Remarked one cowering Mercenary, hiding behind an overturned table.

Which, of course, re-engaged Maq's ire. As the Land Chaser roared forward with acceleration that would take it past the speed of sound in moments, it slammed into the gut of the Demios unit, armored prow smashing against tetrimite armor, prompting a well deserved "OOOF!" from the green reploid. The multi-ton warrior's body was lifted with sheer motive force and the two went flying back through the wall, heading out into the desert sun.

The commotion left Axel's body's owner dumb founded, as his partner in crime was carried out of the bar. He was caught by surprise when a shriek from Liska's body, brought his attention to the rapidly approaching and air-borne Kail/Maq. The blastsaber reared back for a decapitating strike and the wicked grin split around a bellowed "Thought you would get away with doing that to me, didn't you!?"


"What are you doing?!" Came a panicked voice that sounded all too strange pouring from Demios's lips.

-You better give me back my body or I will rip you apart!- Demios squealed in binary, knowing full well the Demios unit was fully capable of disciphering the rapid squeals.

"Hey! Everyone's switched bodies! I don't know what's going on any more than you do!" The Demios unit yelled back against the rough, roaring wind as the two hurtled across the desert. Unbeknownst to them, a small convoy of deadly battle tanks lay on their path, looking for trouble.

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