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Adventures in ...something
Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:56pm

Dan had taken to wandering before most of the mercs had settled into their groups of those intent on enjoying the place and those who were not. He felt a slight stab of disappointment. He'd been so looking forward to wooing the island babes, but on this remote island, all he'd find for company is the other mercenaries. And all the women mercs already knew him well enough to avoid him. So, left in the company of none, Dan wandered the island, looking for adventure.

”Hey ya Tom, it's Bob from the office down the hall. Good to see you buddy, how've you been?” Dan sang horrible off tune. He had turned away from the white sand beaches and was now bending and weaving himself through the thick undergrowth of the jungle. It seemed as though the entire islands population of mosquitoes and other biting insects were joyfully following him, biting at every inch of his exposed skin. He was thankful that he was wearing shorts and a loose Hawaiian shirt; he'd been asked by multiple mercs to cover up his bathing suit. Must not like the pink, he told himself.

”All we wanna do is eat your brains~” He whistled the next line, since he couldn't remember it. Glancing around, he stopped his musical butchery. Though the trees were as thick as thieves, he thought he could make out something in the distance. It looked tall, like a pillar of some kind, but it was most definitely man-made. Changing directions, he walked towards the overgrown mystery. As he got closer, he felt the need to close his shirt; it was oddly cold. Something was bothering him; telling him to stay away. His natural curiosity began to waver. What was he doing out here, alone in the jungle? Why wasn't he on the beach, lounging and chatting up the ladies? That's why he was here, wasn't it? Never mind the crash, his plans were still the same. Wouldn't it be better to go back? Dan turned slightly, looking back towards the warm sandy beach he had left behind.

A strange thing happened. As soon as he turned away, the coldness left, replaced by the normal hot mugginess of the jungle. What was he doing? He was a curious fellow, and there was a mystery not too far away. Why should he leave it? Turning back towards the object, he felt a sharp wave of disgust surge through his stomach. This was just so stupid! Here he was, in the middle of nowhere, heading towards something that didn't matter. He had several scrapes on his shins, the bugs were bothering him, and it was getting towards lunch time! Surely by now some of the mercs would be cooking something. He should just head back. Again he turned away, and again, the feelings went away.

Something was wrong. Why would he want to go back? Looking again at the pillar, he was almost knocked over by a wave of nausea, loathing, and contempt. Clutching his stomach, he quickly turned his back on the pillar, his mind racing. As soon as he did, the feelings retreated. He closed his eyes, quietly chanting a simple spell. Just beyond his outreached hand appeared a simple necklace; a large red jem attached to a leather cord. Taking a deep breath, he tied the necklace in place, feeling the very cold, lonely wrench as his magic temporarily vanished.

Turning back towards the pillar, he could almost hear a snarling, as a pressure struck at him, only to glance harmlessly off. Holding firm to the jewel, he advanced slowly, keeping his body tense for any other surprises.

It was about 10 feet tall, and almost completely straight. Inscribed across the entire surface was some kind of rune, which he felt he could almost read. But it was completely covered by vines and other growth, which Dan gently pulled away. As the inscription was exposed, Dan felt himself go cold all over. Turning, he quickly ran back the way he had come.

Maq felt herself laugh in spite of herself. She and the other girls had lost the volleyball game, but judging by the appearance of the other team's shorts, they'd won on other grounds. Grinning to herself, she waved to the others as they went to carouse with the winners. She'd been that young once and had enjoyed those diversions. Now, however, she just wanted a few moments to herself.

As she passed a group of younger mercs, she overheard them muttering about her suit. Glancing down, she allowed herself another smile. Always before, she had worn the skimpiest of bathing suits, attracting many a view of her great attributes. For this trip, just to change things up, she was wearing a one-piece. Granted, it was still tight-fitting and clung to her curves, but she could tell there were a lot of fans who would have preferred something different. Shrugging, she went to a quiet portion of the beach, walking until she was hip deep in water. With a dive, she shot herself forward, swimming just for the pleasure of it. Having strong water-elemental magic made her feel completely relaxed being surrounded by it. They may not have reached Fiji, they may have crashed and didn't know when they'd be rescued, but this trip was doing her a lot of good.

Reaching the bottom, she allowed herself to just lay there, looking up at the water above her. The waves were calming, and she felt herself almost being rocked by them. Fish, curious at this strange intruder to their homes, darted around her, the braver ones swimming through the loose strands of her hair. Closing her eyes, she allowed her mind to drift.

Looking about her small cell, the girl stifled her tears. It was okay to be scared, she told herself, but you must not cry. Crying is weakness. Be strong. It will be over shortly.

A guard came to the doorway, motioning for her to follow. Getting up slowly, she shuffled behind him. The sun outside was blindingly brilliant, forcing her to wince. The sky was a bright blue, that only ever happened during this time of year. All the trees were lush and green; birds and monkeys danced about from branch to branch. So many people were gathered around, chatting freely, all in front of the temple steps. Here, she and 11 other young girls like herself were brought to stand before them. The high priest, painted red and white, feathers adorning his hair, spread his hands for silence. He spoke a few words, but she couldn't hear them. She just stared straight ahead. She knew some of the others were looking through the crowd, trying to see the faces of loved ones. She didn't look. She knew if she did, her nerve would waver. A deafening cheer rose from the crowd, diverting her attention.

It was time.

Dan ran through the thick jungle as fast as his long, skinny legs could carry him. Branches racked at his face and arms, whipping against his bare skin. He tried to shield himself as best he could, but he did not slow. As he broke through a bush, he saw Zeo, standing in front of him. The reploid's quick reflexes allowed him to dodge to the side, but Dan wasn't so good. Trying to brake to keep from careening into the merc, Dan tripped, falling flat on his face beside him. Choking on dead growth and mud, Dan glared up at Zeo.

“Y'know, with your skills, you could have caught me.” He muttered. Zeo didn't even twitch.

“Your point?”

“You're in as good a mood as always.” Shaking his head, Dan forced himself up. As Zeo turned to leave, Dan reached out to stop him. He had never really had an opportunity to get to know the reploid, and he'd never really tried to go out of his way to talk to him before. But this was an emergency. “Does your radio work?”

“No. None of our communication equipment works. Otherwise we wouldn't still be here.” Zeo said with an undertone that Dan really should have known the answer to that already.

“Well, we'll have to do it the hard way then. We need to go and gather up the women; and quickly!”

Zeo looked at Dan with undisguised disgust. Dan waved off a bug.

“NO no! Not like that. There's something on this island, and it's not friendly, and it's going to target them!” Dan tried to explain. Zeo didn't move. “Quickly man, quickly! Before the sun goes down!”

NRP: I hoped I played Zeo right. I'm trying to get back into the habit of Rping other characters again. It'd help if I could find everyone's stats, but those aren't up yet, so I apologize if I got it wrong. Anyways, just thought I'd throw another wrench into this story. It's up to you guys if you wanna go along with it, or just ignore what Dan's doing. Either way is fine with me.

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