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Now maybe I'm wrong...
Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:08pm

I used that for a catchy title. I'm rarely wrong.

You can say no to call-ins. This I know from five years of retail.

Remember your D.A.R.E training and JUST! SAY! NO!

Unless it's to posting. Then you say yes or you get the hose again.

  • Got me.Luccian, Wed Jul 21 1:22pm
    Stupid work. I've been getting called in to cover peoples shifts. Blah... Even this is posted from my phone
    • Now maybe I'm wrong... — Zeo, Wed Jul 21 7:08pm
      • haLuccian , Wed Jul 21 7:29pm
        I will not say no to money. I need it. Want it. Yada yada.
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