Quiet long time
Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:16pm

I've been waiting what I think has been a month for someone to tell me whether or not I have been authorized. So would someone tell me whether or not I am and if I'm not yet then give me a ball park estimate of how much longer I need to wait.

  • To Wait.Zeo, Wed Sep 29 12:25pm
    He still needs to get the official okay from Kail. I'll e-mail him and see if I can get this going.
    • Quiet long time — doomwalker, Sat Oct 16 3:16pm
      • Nope...Demios, Sun Oct 17 3:29am
        If you really want to start writing, start writing non-canonically here on the bar board. Someone might even throw in a character to play with you until Kail returns from the Outer-Worlds and graces... more
        • what?doomwalker, Sun Oct 17 6:41am
          What does non-canonically mean?
    • Okaydoomwalker, Thu Sep 30 1:37am
      Okay, I can wait.
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