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Thu Aug 4, 2011 9:01am

Kind of meh about her.

You seemingly took a whole bunch of random advantages and disadvantages that you didn't explain in her back story very well.

She sounds bi-polar. "Determination", "Obstinate" and "Absolute lack of confidence"? Apparently one moment she'll be wishy washy and not know what's going on and the next she'll be determinatoring through walls and shit.

The multidimensional love story doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense in universe but I could roll with it. However, it doesn't seem to actually AFFECT anything about how she is now. What's the point?

The backstory AFTER she's a reploid seems fine. A little bland. "Lost my job, let's go kill people for money!" but hey, nothing actually wrong with that. Makes sense from the bi-polar angle too.

Her buster (Apparently Lauren's buster?) is defective and can't charge past a level 1 charge, except when it can and it emits a wave of pure energy? Umm... Kay? If all she needs to do to bypass a weakness is unlock the safety locks, it's not really a weakness. It's a gun with two firing modes "fast, accurate" and "big boom." Just say that and get rid of all the unnecessary weaknesses/special abilities.

All in all, it'd get approved by Kail. I wouldn't have a problem with you posting (and since Zeo is like, Vice-GM or whatever, he can offically say you're on board.) Not that there's a whole lot of posting going on anyway.

  • Paragraphs are your friends...Demios, Thu Aug 4 8:51am
    Reformatted because I couldn't be bothered to read a wall of text... Cecilia Fox Ranger-Interceptor Romantic, Optimist, Defender Daredevil -15000 Weaving through crowds, leaping off of buildings and... more
    • Opinions — Demios, Thu Aug 4 9:01am
      • CoolFoxxy, Thu Aug 4 4:00pm
        I wrote everything out in microsoft word and assumed the paragraphs would carry over. Guess they didn't. You seem to have a good grasp of how I plan to play this character. Instead of min-maxing and... more
        • NiftyDemios, Fri Aug 5 3:21pm
          Here's to hoping your "experience" holds up. Considering I've done 50% of the posting this year, I'd be down for doing some posting before you disappear into the ether like everyone else. Anyone else ... more
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